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  • Please update this plugin! It helped me a lot.
    Thank you and please accept my donation.
  • Very nice addon, albeit some more UI/UX refinements and smarter use of beyond-whois databases whould be nice. It's a shame it isn't ported to WebExtensions, I miss it a lot!

    Are there any alternative at least? Please...
  • Отличная идея создания такого приложения. Весьма сильно экономит время на работе.
  • за 4 года не одного ответа от разработчика . приложение можно похоронить и не ждать поддержки 57+
  • Beautiful Add-on used for years, but lately icon not there any more [Status bar] - status bar is there - if I add another add-on it is shown on status bar on Firefox 56.0 64 bit !
    I am puzzled.

    Can it be fixed?

    PS just added:

    Is back - thanks DocFlay - I did uninstall the above add-on - that is why it disappeared!
  • This adds a very useful suite of security tools and features, and is one of the reasons I use Firefox to authenticate sites I use.

    Unless the author can find another way to display the info, this addon will not be usable after November.

    The Addon Bar restorer is now broken since FF v55.
    You can add the bar again with "Classic Theme Restorer"
  • Doesn't show any flags, country any status info, it doesn't use secure connections to fetch the info, still uses http
  • thw worldip plugin for firefox has one issue on latest firefox, when this plugin is enabled the download progress on toolbar stops showing file size and speed etc, when i disable worldip plugin then it starts showing fine again
  • From Firefox 45.0.1 to Firefox 51.0.1 this add-on can't be installed.
    i always get the following message : Not compatible with...
  • Не слишком силён во всех этих сетевых заморочках, но почитав описание, установил, так как в наше время кругом одни волки и лишняя защита не помешает.
  • Too much: "Unknown, unallocated or no trace"
    So often does not show the actual location of the web server and the country's flag :(
  • Не работает в F59.02.
  • Danke für die Arbeit. Jetzt weis ich ändlich auf welchen seit Ich bin.
    Zudem auch noch Sicher unterwegs.
    Danke für die Mühevolle arbeit.
    cu <3
  • Отлично!
  • crashing my browser-settings changing
  • For new version firefox
    -Addressbar and no statusbar
  • Precise information, easy to use. I leave the status bar open for this. There were someone abusing the rating system though.
  • I don't know how to use it. The icon of plugin doesn't apppear :(
  • Отличное дополнение! Много информации по IP и других функций.
  • Very good job!
  • default のままで、訪問先サイトのセキュリティー機能と情報を詳細に確認できるうえ、接続先までの信用調査も行えます。
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    All the world's IP's at ones findertips
  • Title says it all! Very nice work. I especially like the ability to setup custom resolvers.

    This add-on really comes in handy if you want to see which node is serving content in a load-balanced environment!
  • Extremely useful addon for seeing information about the server you're on. Great for testing your own projects also, as you can check what address your domain resolves to in the event of DNS inconsistancies.
  • I read in [About this Add-on]:
    "WorldIP is a WIPmania's product based on WIP-database."

    Please forgive my ignorance but,
    may I ask what the WIPmania and the WIP-database are?

    noteworthy that wipmania.com seems to be not available (dead/blocked/restricted or something?) -which was that triggered my question..