642 notes
  • Я использовал это расширение в chrome браузере, но решил перейти на Mozilla Firefox. И когда я скачал это расширение, в нём исчезла опция "disable", позволяющая выборочно отключать js и т.д. Я порылся в настройках, но так и не нашёл как можно её включить.
  • very nice
  • Wonderfull addon. Great to see update at 2020!
  • This is one of the first addon I install when reinstall FF. I'm very happy to see that the "View Javascript" function work fine again.
  • So many things aren't working: Color Picker, Line Guides, Display Ruler, cookies aren't modified, among them - for both FF and Chrome :(
  • No other Firefox Add-on is used more by me.
  • I find it EXTREMELY intrusive to open the addon's homepage (release notes) out of the blue after an (apparently) automatic update! Especially since the known breach on the Chrome addon a couple of years ago.

    The addon itself includes some nice features and shortcuts. Three stars off, solely for not being able to fully trust this addon while it requires a lot of permissions.
  • nice !