642 notes
  • Я использовал это расширение в chrome браузере, но решил перейти на Mozilla Firefox. И когда я скачал это расширение, в нём исчезла опция "disable", позволяющая выборочно отключать js и т.д. Я порылся в настройках, но так и не нашёл как можно её включить.
  • very nice
  • Wonderfull addon. Great to see update at 2020!
  • This is one of the first addon I install when reinstall FF. I'm very happy to see that the "View Javascript" function work fine again.
  • A few things weren't working in prior release. However, they've been fixed now. This Web Developer tool is essential for my work, I've been using it for several years (have lost count how many). It is very handy. I rely on it. Thanks to Chris for maintaining it.
  • So many things aren't working: Color Picker, Line Guides, Display Ruler, cookies aren't modified, among them - for both FF and Chrome :(
  • No other Firefox Add-on is used more by me.
  • nice !