21 497 notes
  • It's paid now, what isn't clear when you install.
  • Great plugin!!!!
  • Non-functional on Firefox in 2020. Asks for Companion App, but till doesn't work after installing it.
  • trait bien merci
  • Great add-on.
    easiest way to capture and save on-line videos.
  • You have to install an extra 'companion app' from another source. Very suspicious...
  • super. work great together with companion app.
  • Simplemente el mejor que he conocido
  • I have been using the application for several years, good now, but it was better before
  • excelent application
  • Got as far as the bait and switch malware companion requirement. I guess this is how to get your project on here and then get your malware installed after the fact, getting around the Mozilla submission rules.
  • Vraiment très facile d'utilisation - Fonctionne sur un grand nombre de sites !
  • Muy buena extension, me ayuda mucho, necesita buena internet, lo recomiendo