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Doesn't work with:

only video site I visit that it works with is you-tube?

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I'm a new user and I was skeptical about installing the addon because of a lot of complaints by long-time users. So far I'm very satisfied with this add-on. The user interface is usable and intuitive, and the program does it's job: I have downloaded about twenty videos without any issues. The option to choose the download quality is also very nice.

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Adware already ? It's gone wrong. ask for paypal maybe, don't crap all over your users like that.
It's 0/20 now.

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hello, i am firefox user, since ff 3.6, and i liked your addon from the begging, and i enjoyed the much needed faceleft. Good Job

but, i cant seem to change the defualt storage directory to my desktop, bare in mind that my desktop location is on :


And its not the default Windows one, that said, i can not seem to change the destination to any other folder.

Thanks alot

Thanks. The storage directory not saving problem is a VDH5.0.1 issue related to the fact you are in a private window. This is handled better in 5.1.0 which is currently pending review at Mozilla.

V5 Actually Great - Better Than V4 (Changed Mind Review) Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Just reinstalled V5. After turning Network Probe on as well as all the other checkbox features as suggested by the very helpful staff on the video downloadhelper forum I now understand how good the new version is and how I don't need to stay on V4 afterall as V5 is much better.

V5 does pick up everything and more than V4 hence why I changed my review.

Hope this review also helped get other peoples V5's working better as well as with V5 installed and working properly I can't go back to V4 now as V5 with everything working how it should do is that damn good.

It even picks up some mp3 and flv files if mp4s and webm were not good enough for you to upgrade.

The rumored download manager not supported thing is complete bollocks as I can click on the + logo and see an option for copy my link to the clipboard which is how I used a download manager on V4 as well anyway so V5 is no different for me as I like manually putting the link in DownThemAll anyway as then I know it's not going to fail when I start it off.

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insane decision in last update Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

What a mess with last update. There is no context menu to choose download manager. I have build-in, DTA and Flashgot installed, but only can use first one. Also no status bar icon.

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avconv.exe maxes out all 8 cores of my processor every time it runs and will make my processor jump about 30 more degrees Celsius in about 25 sec. any ideas on how to use this without burning out my processor would be lovely. these are some pretty big issues the last version didn't have. luckily i caught it before my processor fried but yea 85C from video conversion software shouldn't happen on a liquid cooled workstation.

Messed up badly Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Like most other users , i have used this add on for a long time , but this update completely messed it up . Now even on a system with lot of memory and other system resources , this add on single handedly , hangs my firefox non-stop.
Downgrading or moving on to some add on that is not messed up yet.

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The best add-on

Gone from wonderful to hopeless... Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

This developer has fcuked-up huge - he has taken something that although worked well, decided an 'upgrade' was necessary, so added a garish non-intuitive interface, while removing completely stuff it was really useful for - namely (in my case) download jpg-pics en-masse.

So instead of something that would mass-download pictures to individual folders, you now have something that idiotically forces the user to download pictures individually!!!

This is another developer that seems just interesting in solicitating donations from users, and doesn't actually use the very software that he has 'developed' (sic) himself.

addon that needs another app? Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

complains with a message

"This operation needs to have a converter installed on your system to aggregate the video and audio streams."

it might work with the EXTRA 'converter' installed, but I am not going to bother with it.

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Já era bom! Ficou melhor ainda na nova versão! Parabéns a esquipe desenvolvedora!

It was good! It was even better in the new version! Congratulations to developer esquipe!

I agree with Clapon, the new version and the change from "Downloa.." to "Videod.." suxs. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

My laptop still has the " DownloadHelper" and still downloads both Images and Videos. My desktop has the new "Video DownloadHelper" and does not work on either, videos or images. Since there is no Help on this product, I have removed the new "Video DownLoad....." and trying how to get the old "Down....." from my Laptop. Too bad, the "Download.... was good Add-on.

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The 5 version suxs because they redesigned the GUI foisting it upon users while claiming v4.9.24 was incompatible to Firefox v36. This seems to be false, since I went back to v4.9.24 turning off auto-updating and compatibility checking. It worked fine. That is until today when they seem to have redone v4.9.24 and updated me. I have no idea how Firefox can allow this sort of lying and forcing people to use their conversion service. (PS I loved it before, but time to move on.)

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I've been using Video DownloadHelper for years, and it always provided great features with intuitive approach.
After a long time without major update, this release is simply great. The user interface was completely reviewed and eventhough some actions disappeared, I'm sure they will be back very soon.

I've had the pleasure to test the beta version 5.1 and it looks promising. 5 * because I know the potential of this top module !

Update IS seriously Garbage Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

I have used this for years and it worked flawlessly and the new version is an abomination. i want the original version so that I can convert it. There are many other depressing changes in the new version. They seriously broke the wheel that ran flawlessly.

Another great frustration is I can no longer use DownThemAll in conjunction with this app for MUCH faster downloads. There is a setting to increase the number of concurrent downloads - bump it up to help.

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I have been using this addon for years, and loved it. I was especially fond of the "download all" option. The new version does not work. For anything. At all. If it does, I cannot figure out how. When I click the icon it just gives a bunch of useless text lines. I cannot even see what is or is not supposed to be a video link. And the "download all" option is gone. In short, the current version feels completely useless to me, and I have uninstalled it. Will not be using again unless they do a massive reversion.

Took away an important feature for me Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

While I like this add-in, the most recent version took away an important feature for me. In the past, when I clicked on the Video Download Helper icon, there was an option to download videos via DownThemAll. Now that option doesn't show up. If someone can help me reattain this, it will be a 5. Thanks.

Still Not Good Enough Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

This version makes very few improvements over previous versions. It is weak ("This video may be protected" - really??) and hogs far too many resources. I'm not a freeloader, I have donated to this company. I will wait and see if there are any further changes, but for now I will stick with Applian.

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I love this. I hit 200 downloads last night. I even donated since I love the app so much. However since I hit 200 I can't get the add on to download anything else now. Anyone else having this problem? would 5 star if this would work again. Lenovo, Windows 8.