Video DownloadHelper adds redirection notice on Youtube (V.4.9.10 to 4.9.12b2) Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

It's a great extension, but for the last 3 weeks, it suffers from one problem. When the extension is loaded, Youtube adds a redirection notice when one clicks on a link. I use the current version of FF (16.0.2) on Windows 7 (French). I can't say for sure, but I don't think the problem started specifically when FF 16 arrived, but rather when Youtube "upgraded" yet again its interface.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

1. Install Firefox (current version, 16.0.2) and the current version of Video DownloadHelper (4.9.11).

2. Load a Youtube page such as this one

3. Click on the link that appears in the video description.
The link is listed as and "usually" shows like this in the status bar, until you click on it. Then it becomes

4. You will land on a page with a brown bar and a "Redirection Notice" warning you that you will be sent elsewhere and giving you the choice to do that or return to Youtube's welcome page.

5. Click on the link and you'll finally land there.

Now, remove or de-activate the Video DownloadHelper extension and do the same. You'll go straight from step 3 (clicking on a link) to step 5.
A quick glance at the process let me think that the redirection page is loaded for a 1/10 second and that it loads the page one wants.


P.S. I tried to leave the comment on the forum, but it seems to be off-the-hook since July.

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