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  • funciona muy biem
  • Szybko, sprawnie, profesjonalnie
  • 使いやすくていいものです
  • great app
  • The best available downloadhelper
  • haven't used it yet
  • The only good download helper for Firefox
  • Works pretty well, sometimes it sticks. I do enjoy it.
  • muito bom
  • Ne fonctionne pas toujours, je cherche encore à la faire fonctionner !
  • This is the only add-on that I've found that reliably lets me download YouTube videos in at least Standard Definition; most others only allow low-definition downloads, if they work at all.
    Thank you for making this for us all!
  • My first (& last) download was damaged because I was'nt registered! You didn't have to force me to register! If it was a good app, I would come for more....
  • aplicación muy buena
  • very good app for downloading videos
  • I my opinion this is still the best video-downloader for any browser out there! If everything else fails (JDownloader 2 etc. included), I come back to firefox and this addon just does the job.

    A big THANK YOU! :)