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  • Is that a joke or something? This addon does not work at all!
  • Not working anymore
  • Funktioniert nicht
  • I was using this extension for ages on chrome, on firefox it just don't working at all.
  • It does NOTHING
  • 5 stars for working with CLASSIC VIEW.
    0 stars for not working with modern Youtube view.
  • This mod need to be updated to the new design of Youtube website. Without the addon "YouTube Classic" this one isn't working, but it's ugly to use this mod ...
  • Doesn't work at all on Mozilla Firefox
  • Doesn't work at all with Firefox, even WITH the YouTube Classic addon. UPDATE IT ALREADY!
  • This addon does not work because youtube designe changed. But, if you install "youtube classic" addon, this addon can work!
  • does nothing
  • used to work. Now doesn't. probably because of google changing code in Youtube or something. But as it stands it doens't work anymore. needs to be updated
  • It works only when used with youtube classic.
  • Worked until a few days ago, where Firefox is reporting that this Add-on was causing Youtube to shit the bed. It's a shame that I have to move on, both in because the thing still does work as I'm still not seeing the blacklisted youtube accounts (But I have seen some sneak through), but also because now I have to somehow upload all 422 accounts I've blacklisted onto the new add-on. @-@
    I fear when I turn it off to attempt to blacklist everything again easier...
  • Have used it for a long time. Used to work perfectly, but now it's broken with no word of an update...
  • not working
  • Works well in Chrome, but is broken here in Firefox. Sad.
  • please guys update this i cant live without this add on T_T
  • not working now...
  • I managed to skip the update last year that was actually a rollback to a previous build that broke the extension, but now the working version that I had for the past couple of years no longer works. It would be great if you updated this...
  • Broken. Doesn't work anymore. Last update was 3 years ago. It's dead Jim.