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  • does nothing
  • plain and simply didnt do anything at all... dont know if fixable or not but i dont feel like trying it out... will look for something that actually works
  • This doesn't work tried importing my JSON files from Chrome no its not working at all >:|
  • You click 'Block videos from this channel' option, but it does nothing.
  • For Mozilla users;


    Works great. All you need to do is just clicking the "X" that appears on the video thumbnail.
  • perfect for blocking unwanted youtube channels (https://tubularinsights.com/block-youtube-channels/)
  • f****** useless, does nothing!
  • Does absolutely nothing in Firefox.
  • It works for me but I have to turn it off to search videos into channels because hides every video. Please fix that bug.
  • just doesn't work at all
  • Thank you very much for this great addon. Could you please add the option to enable/disable | on/off each filter (on the side of the filter) instead of deleting the filter. Thanks again :)
  • Like many others have stated, this just does nothing. You click "block videos from this channel" and nothing gets added to the settings of the extension.
  • Doesnt work, my video blocker list is still blank after blocking 10 channels
  • Does nothing but add a pointless item to the right-click menu - completely FAILS to block unwanted channels, and actually seems to cause offending content to be re-fed! Pointless! Don't waste your time!