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  • Basically, I just want my tabs on the side. This addon fit the bill. No extra "et cetera" or any "et cetera". Not interfere with other Firefox built in features. Customize able shortcut for hide/unhide is a plus 1, never like auto hide.
  • fyi
    Unfortunately it kills addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/vertical-toolbar
    I suppose that is not unexpected. (Can be recovered with settings by removing both & re-installing vertical-toolbar.)

    In the brief time I tried vertical tabs reload (I had used it before), I was disappointed there is no auto-hide - although the pull-out is almost as good.
    It confused me that I couldn't find the tab-close x with a small width, but perhaps that was my fault.
  • Thank you to the developer! Not bad at all, but it could use two features that it is missing. First, like the one in TabKit 2, it needs a "Search" function to limit the display of tabs to those containing the entered text. I keep a lot of tabs open, and that would make it easier to locate, for example, my bank cards and other account logins and my VA medical center login when I need them, or particular YouTube videos. Secondly, again like TabKit 2, would be an option to right-click in the sidebar to access its configuration options.

    These are not showstoppers, but it's why four stars instead of five. I would be more than happy to donate if these, or even just the Search feature, were implemented. Thanks again!
  • Great Add-on! And I love the theme options. Shame it can't hide the title bar in windows 10, it's such a waste of space.

    FYI, for those curious, it doesn't work yet with Multiprocess/e10s; even setting FF to force e10s doesn't work.

    I'm really looking forward to being able to use multiprocess/e10s and a vertical tab add-on at the same time!
  • Thank you for good addon. It's very helpful.
  • Very nice vertical tabs. I like it!
  • thanks for your work buddy!
  • I have been trying and trying... finally I found one that works right away. Simple and does what I want it to.
  • When used with AIO sidebar an essential addon for me you can't choose to have tabs on right and sidebar on left or vice versa. No matter what setting they are both on the SAME side.
  • Been a couple of years at least since I got off vertical tabs. Revisiting the concept, there is now this new addon. This is the best Vertical Tab addon ever! Up until now no one has been able to do it right. Only very minor quibble is pinned tabs have text labels.
  • A fully functional vertical tabs extension. What's more, it's got some decent themes, and it can hide during fullscreen.
  • Must-have extension. Thanks!
  • After trying several vertical tabs options, this one seems to works best. It even supports GTK-theme on Linux :-)
  • Looks good, works with ColorfulTabs, Tab Mix Plus, and SessionSaver. It also hides during fullscreen videos.

    But it doesn't work with Multiple Tab Handler... :/
  • This is the best vertical tab extension that is undergoing active development and it properly hides the tabs in full screen mode. I frequently have close to 30 tabs open at a time and vertical tabs are essential in order to keep tab titles visible during my workflow. This the kind of extension that should be built into Firefox by default.

    I hope that future updates will also allow users to modify theme colors to their liking. (For instance, I prefer the overall styling of the Darwin theme but I like the colors of the Dark theme much more.)
  • This is, so far, the only vertical tab bar solution that works with Firefox Developer Edition. It has support for dark themes (protip: in the add-on's settings, the Darwin theme goes best with FF Dev on Windows).

    I like simple vertical tabs without trees or any of that shit. This add-on delivers perfectly. From what I can tell, the developer is also actively engaged on Github. Major recommendation!
  • Tabs become big fields with very short text, because the text is cropped (to one line, doesn't flow to available space), and you probably want to keep the tab field rather small.
    Also, when uninstalling stacks the original tabs vertically!! Though this is fixed by restarting FF.
    It sounds like you have Tab Mix Plus enabled.
    Tab Mix Plus and Vertical Tabs Reloaded are not yet compatible. We are working on it :)
  • absolutely nothing happens when i install this addon. tabs stay horizontal (even when disabling the theme). i uninstall it immediately and go back for tree style tab :( (which is not good because of its child tab system, but it can display tabs vertically...)
    It sounds like you have Tab Mix Plus enabled.
    Tab Mix Plus and Vertical Tabs Reloaded are not yet compatible. We are working on it :)
  • Incredible
  • The best vertical tabs extension! Works perfectly with FF45.0.2. Thanks dev, for looking into the bugs I found in previous versions :)
  • Does everything that Vertical Tabs should do and, as the first Vertical Tabs in the last five years, finally ships my fullscreen patches in a production release! Thanks Croydon!!!
  • I tried a lot of other "tabs movers". They all try to be as universal as it possible. You can configure inside them dozens of features, while really required only one - just place tabs vertically.

    This addon does the only thing I need from it, does it perfect, and it's perfect!

    Maybe the only one feature missing: instead of using predefined themes it will be better to simple choose colors for tab text and background for active tab and all the rest of them.