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  • Is it possible to add 2nd function for the toolbar button - dropdown list of tabs? Sometimes it helps to have panel with all tabs on the side, but mostly I need just fast access to one tab, - so list with 4-6 words of tabnames besides favicons (which Firefox tabs can't give by design) would be more productive solution.
    Yes, there is such addon already, but design is so awful, that I cant use it.
  • I'm sure I will love it once I can get it to work. I must be missing s! omething. I added it to Firefox 57. It's enabled. but nothing happens!!! I have closed and reopened Firefox and still no side tabs...

    Yay! Thanks for the info. Works great!!
    Use the VTR icon next to your navbar to toggle the sidebar or the hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+V).
  • It good, just not what I want - it takes up too much screen space. If it could be made narrower to the point where only favicons were displayed....

    On a side note - to hide the tab bar Firefox stuck up top, add the following to your (user profile)/.mozilla/firefox/chrome/userChrome.css file:

    /* Hide the tab bar */
    #tabbrowser-tabs { visibility: collapse !important; }

    If you want to move the tab bar below the toolbar add:

    /* Tab bar below Navigation & Bookmarks Toolbars
    For best results, show Title Bar or Menu Bar */
    #nav-bar { /* main toolbar */
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 !important;
    border-top-width: 0 !important;
    #PersonalToolbar { /* bookmarks toolbar */
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important;
    #TabsToolbar { /* tab bar */
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 3 !important;

    Looking forward to a version that's more compact (or ideally moves tabs to bottom of screen).
  • This add-on is so good it should be standard for Firefox.

    The version before the last Firefox update was PERFECT. However, the new version lacks many of the features it once had. I'm sure the developer is fixing this and look forward to updates!
  • Pretty good!

    Doesn't require a bunch of stupid invasive permissions.

    Would be nice if there was a tree-style option.
  • I like the idea but it doesn't remove the tabstrip at the top of the screen (at least not in FF57) which to me defeats the purpose of having this plugin in the first place...
    Unfortunately, this is right now a limitation in Firefox. No add-on is able to hide the default horizontal tab strip at the moment. As soon as it will be possible VTR will hide it again (as in pre-0.9 version).
  • Firefox should have this feature built in but a fantastic extension will do instead. Clearly in active development as it has survived the WebExtensions transition. Why would you have a 16:9 browser and have horizontal tabs?
  • Instant reaction: excellent. As a transIator, I have lots of tabs open for dictionaries and other reference sites . The only minor inconvenience is the choice of pale grey for previously opened tabs. This tends to be difficult for quick reading when swapping tabs a lot.

    The Darwin theme makes for better legibility
    Have you checked out the other themes?
  • It's exactly what I was looking for
  • Merci, fait très bien le job
  • kept switching the side that the tabs were on without me doing anything. kept resizing
    These bugs were introduced with v0.8.5 and should be fixed again with v0.8.5.2.

    The next time please report bugs on GitHub as mentioned in the description and provide all necessary information.
  • I can have tons of tabs open especially when researching, so I installed it a couple of months ago because I thought it might be useful. At first it felt a little weird to look to the right instead of the top, but it is now in my top-3 must have add-ons and easily my favourite 'optional' add-on.

    I can now see more of my tabs, they are easier to read and move around. and if screenspace is an issue, you can easily adjust their width or toggle it to hide.

    The themes are somewhat limited but completely acceptable. I would have liked the ability to customize 'active' tabs to some extent as I find the defaults a little too subtle for my taste, especially when I have a lot of tabs open and have to scroll. But if you combine it with tab mix plus, that ceases to be an issue. And I think I would rather have a 'light' add-on that simply does what it says really well than bog it down with too many options.

    I also found a small compatibility issue and was really pleasantly surprised how quickly it was addressed. So I would urge people to file bug reports on github if they find an issue.

    Congrats to developer on a really smart, common-sense, and well-developed add-on. I am really glad to read you will update it so it becomes compatible with FF57 as I honestly would not update FF if you didn't - that's how useful it is for me.
  • I will rather stop using Firefox than live without vertical tabs. Great job Mozilla on killing this extension, without providing a sufficient API replacement.
    Vertical Tabs Reloaded will not die. Read more at https://github.com/Croydon/vertical-tabs-reloaded/issues/13
  • Simple and effective. I didn't like the tree style of the tree tab addon, so I went with this one.
  • I like the addon and I can't live without it. But I have to because switching tabs or even clicking on a link (especially on twitter) very often doesn't work properly. So I uninstalled it.
    BTW: I'd like option to switch between left and top title bar, not left or nothing.
  • Alternative to tree-stye tab for those who don't need all features of tree-style tab. Simple, space-efficient, good looking with some themes. But, doesn't show sound icon on tabs with playing music.
  • great extension, better than official tab center, but when I hide title bar the min-max-close buttons overlay with menu button, can we move those button in toolbar?
  • This extension is very essential to Firefox, but now I don't have any title bar window, and the "toggle" is broken, if I disable the extension then the title bar appears correctly
    Please fill a new bug here: https://github.com/Croydon/vertical-tabs-reloaded/issues/new

    and provide more information about your configuration, otherwise I can't reproduce this bug.
  • I love this simple extension, as it allows me to put my tabs on the left.
  • I wanted tabs on the left with no fuss. This add-on did just that with a few simple options.
  • Nice, but...
    I like when Tabbar on right and bookmark bar on the left.
    Tree Style Tab can this, but have many not needed options.
    This add-on cant make a bars on different sides.
  • It will be good if when we push on Ctrl or Alt, we can see the tree and when we release the key, tree disapears. :)