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  • No VTR, no Firefox. Having my tabs neatly in a row to the right of my screen is a must for me. VTR does 95% of what a I consider essential for a vertical tabs manager to do. The missing 5 %? Ability to choose custom color for current/visited tab, and the means to customize the height of a tab. (I'd like to slim the down a couple of pixels. Will donate.
  • Maybe try constructive criticism next time by adding some arguments. Thank you.
  • The only real option for functioning vertical tabs, as far as I can tell. Thank you very much for this addon!
  • Pretty useless. There are still tabs at the top taking up room and I still have to go to the top to close a tab. The X on the side tabs don't work. I'm using Firefox 59.0.3.

    *** Had my hand slapped for not reading the description. I read that a couple of weeks ago and forgot. I was in a bad mood because I coulnd't close the tab on the side, only at the top. Well, that's working today.
    You need to read descriptions. It's technically impossible right now to hide the horizontal tab browser. Also this is not a bug tracker. If you don't provide more information I won't be able to reproduce your problem with the close button and won't be able to fix it. Report bugs on GitHub.

    Update: Thanks for understanding and updating your review.
  • Great functionality but glitchy.
  • this is great, vertical tabs should be the standard nowdays, still looking for pdf reader with vertical tabs
  • With the demise of tab groups, this is the only way to properly manage having many tabs (60+) opened at once
  • Great extension. Just what I need.

    Small suggestions:
    A search box for tabs would be nice. Custom CSS themes as well. Oh, and the icon is unfortunately black on dark grey when using a dark Firefox theme. Is it possible to fix that?
  • Excellent work.
  • Does its job very well. Some features I'd like (tab search and icon-only display for pinned tabs) are still not there but planned for 1.0.0.
  • I absolutely love this toolbar. Thank you so very much for making, sharing and allowing us to have it for free. Many, many blessings and thanks to you all.
  • Worked when first installed; does not show up at all now--not on reload, not on install, not after system reboot.
    No way to reply to Croydon's suggestion. so I'm just editing my review.

    None of those solutions worked until I resubmitted my review; then suddenly the icon to load the tabs worked. FF Quantum seems to have lots of bugs.
    If you have closed the sidebar you just need to re-open it.
    Use the hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+V), the VTR icon somewhere in the right top corner (via default) or Firefox's default sidebar icon and switch in the sidebar header's dropdown menu to Vertical Tabs Reloaded.
  • Very nice. :)
    Looking forward to future improvements as webextensions itself matures.

    Found a minor bug. If I drag tabs from one window to another, they don't show up in the VTR sidebar.
    Still very nice though! :)

    One more minor thing: if you're viewing in Firefox's own Dark theme, the icon is barely visible in the toolbar.
  • VTR makes Firefox worth running, I'd be lost without it.
  • Great extension. Can't wait for Mozilla to open up and allow the "lost features" to be restored!
  • Good but needs a CSS over-ride section in the settings, like the one in Tab Center Redux. I have a 14in screen and I'm not into the little fonts or the default themes. It would be nice to be able to override them via CSS mods in preference section.

    I read that some users are having trouble getting rid of the tabs on top. They should know that it's possible to do via userChrome.css. Open your firefox profile folder, make a folder called chrome and make a new text file called userChrome.css in it. In that file add:

    #tabbrowser-tabs {
    visibility: collapse;
  • is it possible to hide the tabs on the top of the browser? just like it did before firefox57. thanks!
    Not at the moment. This is a limitation in Firefox itself: https://github.com/Croydon/vertical-tabs-reloaded/issues/128