96 critiques pour ce module
  • Отчасти ускоряет работу браузера. Новый Firefox быстрый, и возможно работа этого аддона будет не нужна. Но когда приходит революционный браузер и в нем половина привычных приложений не работает и заработает ли вообще? Лучше пока остаться на старом добром канале esr/ К сожалению Яндекс перестал поддерживать этот канал обновлений
  • places.sqlite was 52mb, after applying this addon places.sqlite became to 41mb

  • 実行しても、完全に無視されます。何も実行しません。また、実行後、[実行しました] というメッセージが表示される場合があるものの、SQL ファイルのサイズはまったく変化しませんでした。具体例を示します。ファイル「places.sqlite」をこのアドオンで vacuum を実行しました。実行前に 40.0 MByte (41,943,040 バイト) だったファイルは、40.0 MByte のまま、まったく変化しませんでした。


    This add-on called [Vacuum Places Improved] did not work correctly. It works rarely. Moreover, my Firefox did not improve anything. For example, a file [places.sqlite] in my Firefox never changed from 40.0 MByte.
  • Fonctionnait très bien, mais depuis deux mises à jour de Firefox, ne fonctionne plus, même l’icône a disparu
  • Seems useful but database usually expands to almost same as previous size after next run of Firefox, so I really don't see the point. I did use it for quite a while though.
  • Thanks for your hard work!
  • Works perfectly
  • Super !
  • Quite useful though I couldn't feel. It shoulld work, of course, I make it run automatically after 3 startups.
  • This doesn't seem to do anything. There is a link in the Tools menu which doesn't respond or give any feedback at all. There are no instructions or website.
  • It deleted my bookmarks.
  • Does this add-on delete bookmarks ?
  • Seems it doesn't work in 3.6.28: according to the icon it is time to compact db, but clicks doesn't lead to any action - the icon still in status bar.
  • Here is the stand alone application:
    It's make vacuum too, but I run it, when I will - not with every time with FF. Only 2 click - that's all.
  • Seems it works fine :)
  • should be built in :)
  • Improve speed as it said
  • Firefox already does this automatically!
  • This does seem to help a tiny bit with the lag while typing in the address bar some of the time. This absolutely does not help with start up time and actually hangs the browser for quite a while when the places database is being "vacuumed" which is quite disappointing.
  • I like the ease of use with this add on. I have never had any problems with it. Thanks !
  • This extension blocks the extension manager... I have to close FF brutally, and rerun it in safe mode. (Firefox 4.0 under Linux)
  • nice tool
  • WOW. After a long time I found a way to fix my VERY slow ffx startups :))
    places.sqlite went from 40 MB to 11MB........
    simply, Thanks.
  • PLEASE remove that damned popup every time I start Firefox. It's annoying as hell.

    I do want to run it automatically, but I don't need to be reminded. Ever.