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This is one of my three or four most valuable add-ons, but I would like to see at least one modification. I monitor close to 100 software web sites; when I run a manual scan of all 100 sites, it is very annoying to then get a notification just minutes later announcing updates of those same sites based on the autoscan timer. Is there some way to reset the autoscan clock after *manual* scans and not just autoscans?

An example to clarify: if autoscan is set to run, say, at 7:00 but I run a manual scan 15 minutes earlier at 6:45, I don't really need to see another autoscan notification again at 7:00. If I have set autoscan to check every 6 hours, I don't need to see results again until 12:45 (6:45 manual scan + 6 hours). No big deal with just one site, but multiply that by 100 and the number of extraneous notifications becomes almost overwhelming. Resetting the timer based on the latest auto scan *or* the latest manual scan would be very helpful.

Another possibility: allow users to specify the precise time of the next autorun with the specified time interval to take effect after that.

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Sudden Work Stoppage Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

Starting yesterday, Update Scanner (v3.1.8 on FF 9.0.1) stopped displaying any pages. It still scans the sites and records the difference, but whenever I click a link, a blank page appears for every site. Happens both in Windows XP and Windows 7.

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone know the fix? What has for years been one of my two or three most valuable add-ons has suddenly become useless.

I installed 3.1.8 in August and updated to FF 9.0.1 on 22 Dec; everything has worked fine since then until yesterday, so it was not any recent update action on my part. I'm adrift at sea!

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