635 notes
  • Great privacy extension. Puts the user in control of everything.
  • Fantastic add-on. It takes a while to find out how it works, but it's much more efficient than Noscript and Scriptsafe.
  • It knows what we need already.
  • 还说什么呢,有一个经常访问的页面底部广告怎么也没去掉,用了这个一下清净了。
  • Wow how long have I waited for this?!?! I used to rely on the adblock tools that'd list requests, but you'd have to browse the list and pick the URL-patterns you don't like. With 10s or 100s or requests it was tedious to sort and find the suspicious ones. And then in the past 5/10 years those adblock tools have become really limited, not letting you browse lists or add URL patterns.

    This addin on the other hand, groups the requests by domains, and lets you block entire hosts, plus be fine-grained about cookies and scripts on the first party and second / third party too!! A magnitude better than anything I've used before. And minimal clicks to do it all.

    But BEWARE this is not a perfect solution. One thing that would be handy and I haven't found yet in this addin, is ability to selectively block by paths within a host, instead of the just entire host. This path or query string filtering will be essential, since some ads and trackers are now changing to in-host/first-party logging and ads (that then relay data to the third parties). If you need an example, just look at all the data Youtube sends (in batch JSON form) as of this writing, to https://www.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/log_event.

    People REALLY need be aware of this, it is becoming pervasive with many sites..
  • Brilliant! Absolutely must have. A lot of configuration options. 100% better than NoScript
  • exelente ,aun no lo exploro pero se qque funcionara... gracias
  • Almost essential extension these days that gives you back some control over what websites you visit can do. Admittedly, take some time to get used to and configure properly, but totally worth the effort.