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  • Great adblocker. Wouldn't browse the web without it.
  • Excellent extension, saves life! :) But in Firefox 56.0.2 (the latest with "old" extensions support) the last versions (1.17.*) significantly slow down keyboard input. When I type text in an edit field, I may type dozens of keystrokes without response on screen, blindly - and then those typed words appear at once. Downgraded to 1.16.20 - works fine...
  • super sympa
  • Γηηκβνη
  • My review is in response to review No: 1227715 by "Firefox user 9701a4" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/reviews/1227715/ by citing information from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBlock_Origin "the uBlock project was forked by Chris Aljoudi, while uBlock Origin reflected the continuing effort by the original developer Raymond Hill. Since April 2015, uBlock Origin has been completely unrelated to the web site ublock.org." Note that uBlock Origin (github.com/gorhill/uBlock/) and uBlock (ublock.org) have different logos. It is "uBlock (ublock.org)" NOT "uBlock Origin" that was sold to "AdBlock" which is another browser extension for content-filtering like "Adblock Plus" https://www.ublock.org/announcement/

    Like many, the "Firefox user 9701a4" got confused due to similar names!
  • Cette extension est excessivement efficace aussi bien sur mon navigateur de mon ordinateur de bureau que celui installé sur mon smartphone Android.
  • This is SOO GOOOD. I had these virus ads that kept showing up on my browser, but this app got rid of it.
  • The best extension for Firefox.
  • uBlock ist super keine probleme.
  • great
  • The best. I highly recommend reading the documentation, and consider using "Advanced Mode" afterwards, if you're willing to learn how. (I use the "Medium level," personally, and have had great success (this will make sense if you read the documentation.)

    If you don't want to bother with doing that, no worries! You get perfectly adequate protection even without enabling Advanced mode!
  • Using this ALL the time EVERYWHERE. Favourite ads blocking extension.
  • Way better than the uBlock.org ublock. Go Raymond!!
  • 非常好 連yt的廣告都輕鬆阻擋
  • The best Adblocker, hands down. On top of that, add a few extra filter lists and no other adbocker can compare.
  • Great at blocking ads. Noticed I hadn't seen an ad on Google in years.
  • Quite straight forward to use and efficient.
    I've installed it on each of my computers, my phone and tablet.
  • Not like adblock plus, actually solves java script problem, I would recommend to anyone
  • Me a gustado el uBlock mfunciona muyas que el adblock el uBlock funciona muy bien cambio el adblock ya no funciona no me gusta me quedo con el uBlock
  • The best.Thank you!!!!
  • Very good adblocker!
  • 最好用的反广告插件
  • The best ad blocker with the best Privacy Policy.
  • Gran extensión. Cumple todas mis expectativas.
  • this is the best for block ads , very best .