366 notes
  • Does not seem any faster than built-in downloader, which is slow as it is.
  • Was hoping this would allow to grab multiple media at a time but doesn't appear to do this.
  • It's a nice addon but it would be better if we could choose the folder to save the files for each download, as Downthemall did. Please implement that and it will be great. Also I cannot change the number of default threads in the configs, when I save it gets blank again.
  • Dead simple, and works great!
  • This seems to work well but I have run into downloads where it would fail and I would still have to use the built-in firefox downloader to retry the download. It doesn't have as polished an interface as "download status bar" or the convenience of "down them all" but since those extensions either don't work with FFQ or offer nothing more than cosmetic benefit, there are precious few choices besides this one. I suppose it may be speeding up downloads by a few seconds with the multi-threading, but this is a purely subjective and anecdotal observation that is not based on any actual speed measurements.
  • Love it!
    1 suggestion:
    Can you make it to where when the user cancels a download, can you change the wording from USER_CANCELLED to User Canceled?