259 notes
  • Works great in FF nightly 68.0a1! This addon is simple to configure and seems to "just work". It does what it's supposed to and doesn't seem to come with any fluff, ads, or anything not critical to the function. I wish more addons worked as well as this one.

    As a test, I downloaded a driver from lenovo. I've got a 300mbit fiber connection, and lenovo has artificially limited downloads to 10Mbps. With this addon I downloaded the same driver at about 38Mbps. I tested with this url: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/desktop/g7aud28us17.exe

    Developer: If you happen to read this, please remove the 5 thread limit for downloads! I'd love to have it use 10 or more.
  • very slow ,took 9 hours to download a 300mb vid using windows 7 p and firefox browser
  • It is to be completely buggy on my setup. Download Accelerator and Manager works flawlessly however.
  • Not powerful as Download Accelerator and Manager, which works sightly faster than built-in downloader.
  • Works great! Please add the ability to specify the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, so we can enter multiple files and have them DL one at a time. The way it is now, to have only one DL going, you must start each one manually. :?(
  • Does not seem any faster than built-in downloader, which is slow as it is.