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Near-to-perfect add-on!

I miss only two things, maybe you have a suggestion for these?:

- ability to sort tabs by domain (for instance to gather all tabs in a single tree)

- ability to create placeholder folder-tabs (as in opening a new tab using about:treestyletab-group?FolderTab), and adding the option to right-click a tab and select "Move to FolderTab" to get it (and its eventual childs) moved as a child of the corresponding folder-tab (while keeping any associated tree)

Hope you will consider this suggestion. Thank you for this great extension!

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Thank you for suggestions, however, I have no plan to add those features. The first one is out of focus of "Tree" style tabs. The second also, but you can open new blank "folder" tab by bookmarking "about:treestyletab-group?New". Anyway, because I hope to keep TST simple, I have a policy that I don't add "various, convenient features" by default. Instead, TST has some APIs for other addons.