59 critiques pour ce module
  • Worked well for a long time doing what I needed it for: minimizing to the tray. Still does that with my pre-57 FF, but did notice, as someone else pointed out, that little to no reduction in resource use was occurring. The main issue was that I finally isolated this addon as the culprit responsible for "breaking" the printing function in my Yahoo email, and have to eliminate it.
  • 一直用foxmail。像试用一下Thunderbird。
  • 非常好用,如能更新,不胜感激
    wonderful, if you can update, thank you very much
  • firefox57此扩展已被禁用,希望继续更新升级。
  • 这个扩展我一直都在用,也很好用,希望能更新至火狐的新版本。谢谢
  • 这个扩展很好用,我很喜欢,希望能更新,跟进火狐的新版本。谢谢
  • I love your TrayHotKey add-on.
    please, make it to compatible with Firefox Quantum.
    Thank you~
  • hope to support ff 57+
  • I set it to use WIN+q, nothing happened.
    I set it to use WIN+1, but it didn't change the default function (Win7-64b) of minimising/restoring program #1 on Taskbar (which happened to be FF).
    When I then unchecked the hotkey specification, BUT kept the "Hotkey" checkbox checked, the function of keyboard key "1" was suddenly = ALT-TAB?? (NUM 1 worked as "1").

    Also if you close to tray several windows you can't END them separately (no such option in tray, and both ALT-F4 and close-button just trays).
  • when firefox tray icon is shown in Trayhotkey and (all other tray extensions) it prevents many full screen applications from running, and if they, after you exit them firefox will be maximised from the tray by itself..
  • TrayHotKey is my TOP choice for minimizing Firefox to tray.

    Thanks to a hot key (CTRL + 1 in my case) I can minize to tray Firefox and revive it ...

    A much better solution for me than "minimize to tray revive" or whatever "minimize to tray" version or solution I tried so far ans stil working with new Firefox version 50 and above (for those who don't know, google "e10s firefox addons"

    Working fine with Firefox 50.0.2 (10 dec. 2016).
    And people looking for a solution to the changes introduced by Firefox 50 should really try this addon.

    Many many thanks to the (chinese ?) developper.

  • but the state is exactly described by Abizovec, just +1 for update. Thx
  • 1. trim ram not working after minimizing to tray
    2. the tray icon is not displayed after minimizing to tray. or always shown, if you set the option in the settings.
    please fix it. thanks.
  • Please, add the ability to edit the list of stored pages. Permanently saved unnecessary pop-ups.
  • Been using this add-on for several years.

    But since version 45.0.0 on windows 10 when the windows key is pressed firefox appears.

    The configured key for making firefox invisible isn't the windows key. Otherwise very good addon
  • A good extension, working as expected.

    However, I did not find a button to minimize Thunderbird to tray
    (this feature could be added)

    Another feature request : the tray icon might be shown ONLY when the main window is hidden
    (instead of always or never)

    Minor bug : when installed in Thunderbird the tray tooltip says "Firefox..." instead of "Thunderbird..."

    Thanks for the developper nevertheless.
  • trayhotkey是个很好的扩展,能支持下pale moon25.8.1 (Atom/WinXP)吗,总是出现hotkey registration failed,按照Opening "about:config" and setting the "extensions.TrayHotKey.otherWindows" preference to "Pale Moon"这种方法,还是不行啊,

    你可以使用以下方法 hack 下:
    首先安装这个 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firetitle/ 扩展来修改标题栏的标题(将「Pale Moon」改成「Mozilla Firefox」。
    然后打开 TrayHotKey 所在的目录,编辑「chrome.manifest」文件,找到「#Thunderbird」这一行,在这行的上面添加以下内容:

    #Pale Moon
    overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://TrayHotKey/content/overlay.xul application={8de7fcbb-c55c-4fbe-bfc5-fc555c87dbc4}

    然后保存重启 Pale Moon。
  • Hi, I put opacity to 0% but now I can't see windows anymore Please help !
    Open the firefox, then press `CTRL + ARROR_RIGHT`.

    If the above operation is invalid, you can open the firefox profile directory(see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_Firefox), make sure your firefox is closed, then edit the `pref.js` file, find `extensions.TrayHotKey.opacity_int`, and change its value to 255 (see http://kb.mozillazine.org/User.js_file), then save and reopen firefox.
  • Want to see animation icon/counter for unread messages.
  • Since v42, Mozilla will offer 64 bit versions of Firefox.
    Would be great if your addon would work on 64 bit as well!!

  • Extension worked excellent in FF24 ESR, but in FF31 ESR clicking the close button at the top right corner closes browser instead of minimizing it to tray.
  • Great work! I recently started experiencing issues with Minimize to Tray (revived). This is a great replacement.
    Suggestion: The Opacity / Transparency toggles on TB window [active (focused) | inactive] rather than hotkey only.
  • 最喜欢它可以“总是显示系统托盘”功能,这应该是独一无二的扩展了。
    “最小化到系统托盘”和“关闭到系统托盘”功能无效。firefox 版本: V27.0.1
  • 多个浏览器窗口的情况下,它只缩小成一个托盘图标。不能一个一个窗口关闭,点击中键后所有窗口都会关闭。能否增加单个窗口关闭功能。
  • TrayHotKey (系統熱鍵用來顯示或隱藏窗口) 27.0 失效了求修改

    按"關閉"縮到系統托盤,按"最小化"縮到系統托盤 無效