86 notes
  • The only reader extension that provides the option to force text-align: justify. If it were the default, I would give six stars ;)
  • Excellent add-on, but I am seeing a slight problem with Win7/SP1/x64 & FF64. When I click on the icon to go into the Tranquility mode, just before the mode is switched, the original page zoom gets reset to 100%. Naturally, when I close the Tranquility mode and go back to the original page, my preferred custom zoom factor is now 100%. I am not using any zoom-control add-ons - just the built-in/stock functionality of Firefox.

    Thank you!
  • Ставилось для чтения переводов вебстраниц на translate.google.com. После нажатия на кнопку дополнения отображается вебстраница со словами Hidden fields, Translate, View:, Translation и Original. Firefox 66.0a1 x64, Windows 10.
  • So far it works fairly well. I’m using the older 2.0 version under Firefox Portable Legacy so I can use the older extensions. The only feature I would like is to be able to load the Tranquility Reader page in a new tab or at least be able to get back to the original page via clicking back in the browser.
  • Simply the best. Thanks.
  • Давно искал замену встроенного ридера, так как там не работают переводчики текста.
  • Very good.
  • Like this and seems like potential addons. The problem is when i go to some news portal, the image size did not fit my screen. The image are the summary of the news.
  • Nice
  • thank's
  • Excellent