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  • I've tested many apps to find one that reduces the page to text. Tranquillity reader works without exception on all pages that didn't work with other readview-apps.
  • A reader view add-on/extension that actually works flawlessly! I rate this 10 stars out of 5! LOL
  • This add-on has been great. My one concern is that I am unable to change the font using an Android phone and tablet. I've been trying to change the used font from the default to Times New Roman. The changes take effect on the desktop-based add-ons, but my one reservation is Android. Overall, amazing app.
  • The only reader extension that provides the option to force text-align: justify. If it were the default, I would give six stars ;)
  • Excellent add-on, but I am seeing a slight problem with Win7/SP1/x64 & FF64. When I click on the icon to go into the Tranquility mode, just before the mode is switched, the original page zoom gets reset to 100%. Naturally, when I close the Tranquility mode and go back to the original page, my preferred custom zoom factor is now 100%. I am not using any zoom-control add-ons - just the built-in/stock functionality of Firefox.

    Thank you!
  • So far it works fairly well. I’m using the older 2.0 version under Firefox Portable Legacy so I can use the older extensions. The only feature I would like is to be able to load the Tranquility Reader page in a new tab or at least be able to get back to the original page via clicking back in the browser.
  • Simply the best. Thanks.
  • Давно искал замену встроенного ридера, так как там не работают переводчики текста.
  • Very good.