50 notes
  • It is a nice extension, it could be possible to configure or create new buttons to scroll by one page?
  • Really usefull:-) Please add configuration option so vertical position could be changed.
  • 从1.0版火狐用到50几版逃离,现在又回来了,从chrome用到火狐,感觉火狐速度快了,
  • On my PC, I have fully functional default scrollbar, and this add-on is not needed.

    It's the Android, where Fx has no scrollbar, where this add-on is the ultimate urge!

    Guess what? On Fx mobile, this addon doesn't bother to work.

  • Thanks for this wonderful add-on.
    Loving this.. Using this on both my windows10 lappy and oreo android.
  • I am using it on Windows 10, FF 60.0.3 and it works very nicely. A brilliant idea. Thank you. PS. It works equally well in Linux FF.
  • Fantastic addon, works perfectly except one issue.... when printing from certain websites, the up/down arrows show printed on the paper. Otherwise, five stars.
  • Does not work on v.60
  • Good for Android. Thanks!
  • Can't be simpler and good!
  • Ein klasse AddOn, vielen Dank dem Entwickler! :)
  • All the advantages have already been mentioned. Leave it exactly as it is.
  • two improvement could been made for better browsing experience

    1. one button click for only one page up or down instead of top or bottom, so that long page easier to read. it need an other arrow icon, movable along the screen edge by dragging to mark a distance from the bottom of the screen to show how much of a full screen to be scrolled up or down for one click. so that it just scrolls only one page of scrollabe content for each button click. the mark is needed for pages with fixed header or footer permanently occuping top or bottom part of the screen that is resistant to be scrolled.

    2. continuous button pressing scrolls page quickly till top or bottom reached.
  • Would be great if you add the possibility to have 2 additional (and optional) buttons to go up / down for 1 page only.