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  • Works perfectly, looks exactly how I'd expect from such an extension. I too would like to see further expansion of this to include a second set of buttons for single page scroll, and maybe even different button styles of colours.
  • It is a nice extension, it could be possible to configure or create new buttons to scroll by one page?
  • Really usefull:-) Please add configuration option so vertical position could be changed.
  • 从1.0版火狐用到50几版逃离,现在又回来了,从chrome用到火狐,感觉火狐速度快了,
  • On my PC, I have fully functional default scrollbar, and this add-on is not needed.

    It's the Android, where Fx has no scrollbar, where this add-on is the ultimate urge!

    Guess what? On Fx mobile, this addon doesn't bother to work.

  • Thanks for this wonderful add-on.
    Loving this.. Using this on both my windows10 lappy and oreo android.
  • I am using it on Windows 10, starting with version FF 60.0.3 (it is now FF 69.0.0) and it works very nicely. A brilliant idea. Thank you. PS. It works equally well in Linux FF. The only difficulty is that on a black background it is not visible. Is it possible for me to change the color or for you to add more colors?
  • Fantastic addon, works perfectly except one issue.... when printing from certain websites, the up/down arrows show printed on the paper. Otherwise, five stars.
  • Does not work on v.60
  • Good for Android. Thanks!
  • Can't be simpler and good!
  • Ein klasse AddOn, vielen Dank dem Entwickler! :)
  • All the advantages have already been mentioned. Leave it exactly as it is.