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Well first, I am becoming a Firefox convert from Opera, which up until recently was THE BEST browser out there, if ya didn't mind the occasional site that threw Java curveballs, making for some frustrating & weird-looking sites in Opera windows. I've been using Opera (still use it, quite a bit) nearly exclusively since 1998 first on Winblows of course but now on my Mac laptop. But the Opera engineers, in their latest 10.xx versions of Opera, have tried to stuff TOO MUCH (or too many more than their v9.6x's had) "gee whiz" bells & whistles stuff into Opera, apparently at the expense of Opera's fundamental stuff working properly. And just on principle, when I see *anything, anywhere* that's designed with bells & whistles & other "gee whiz" or especially visual bling-bling being given more precedence over design or functionality of fundamentals, then I usually just immediately walk away.... Useless, I think, & wrong-headed & vain. Cosmetics eye candy & "gee whiz" gadgets that are used by only a few, with overall functional flakiness being an acceptable caveat is just plain STUPID, I don't care WHERE products wherein such idiocy is incorporated, Opera v10.xx or any other software, hardware or ordinary other non-computer stuff ya buy anywhere.
OK. Venting's done... now to TMT....
Well, I like TMT just for one reason pretty much: Because of TMT, I can now see all the palm trees in the Island Moonlight oceanscape theme I use! LOL! Yep... That's pretty much it... I like one or two of the things in TMT preferences too though, like enabling "Adjacent New Tabs."
I've visited Hawaii 4x, LOVE IT, & I found the "South Pacific islands"-related theme addon several weeks back called "Island Moonlight" by Shamanski Designs. And thanks to TMT, I can now see a scene all the time while I'm researching or surfing that's very relaxing to me....
See a screenshot of what I'm writing about here -->''My_TMT''.jpg
I used TMT to increase the vertical dimension of my Firefox header by activating 3 TMT rows, then I took out the names of the rows so that only the rows' icons are left on the left side (Saved, Deleted & Settings rows).
So I'm happy! Makes my transition from Opera, with its twinges of betrayal of my 12 years of loyalty to the Opera engineers' innovations & integrated-functions usefulness, a little easier to do.

[And BTW, RE: the "Island Moonlight" theme: The Shamanski designers did a pretty good job with their Island Moonlight theme, & I particularly LOVE the aqua color of the text & the transparency throughout, but someday soon I'm going to Photoshop the header image pic that their theme uses to straighten up the weird-looking curving palm tree trunks, especially the ones that seem to take root in mid-air, all of which is a result of their simple copy-horizontalflip-paste&forget of a couple of single images into a couple of wider images that the theme coding tiles into the header area from left to right, except for the last right-most image. What they *should* have done is taken the time to clean up that image they use for tiling. So I'll do it. Anybody out there who also likes this theme & wants to see my finished image to see if they'd like to have it too, email me at kevinkendall{youknowwhatgoeshere} Include the phrase "Island Moonlight" in your wording in the Subject line so I won't bypass it thinking it's just another junkmail that got past my filters. Thx]

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