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  • can't find an app to download videos from my android to my PC via USB cable. I've tried many apps and my DELL PC does not recognize my MOTO E4 when I connect it via a USB port. I've tried firefox ext., Google play store, and moto tech help. All say it should work yet it doesn't my security wall is not a factor.
  • من تمام چیزهائی که کاربردی و مفید هستند را لایق قدردانی میدانم
  • Good but the disadvantage is high: it owned by AndroidPolice so Uptodown and APKpure are out. I think one link, APKmirror, is enough. Others are duplicates.
  • Kanonbra!
  • Highly recommended tool!
  • This is very helpful!
  • Simple but effective. Works exactly as the author describes. I like to be able to link straight through to APK Mirror from the Google Play store to see all the different versions. Also handy is the beta indicator as sometimes I miss the Beta button further down the app pages. I have been using this add on for a while now and the improved Firefox for Android support is very welcome. Thanks Android Police!
  • Perfect for browsers!
  • Was working and now not anymore for me. I've seen that some other people said that it's still working for them but not on my end. I'm not complaining but just to let you know it's not working for some people. Hope that you'll take a look into it. I'm on Firefox Nightly 61, even with a new fresh profile with no add-on other than this, it's not working.
    Anyway thank you for the add-on!
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