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  • Much better than the Chrome version. Firefox baby!
  • exactly what I was looking for
  • من مرورگر فایر فاکس دوست دارم چون انگلیسی بلد نیستم میخواهم با نصب افزونه ترجمه به زبان خودم بیشترین استفاده را ببرم
  • Juan Escobar your app is awesome and deserve 6/5 stars! 💖 💯
    The user interface is very well done, very user friendly, simple looking, EXCELLENT!
    I read some comments asking for more options or using the mouse wheel, do not bother and please don't change the UI as it is just PERFECT as it is right now. 👍

    Your addon works like a charm!
    Thanks a lot for your hard work, you rock 🏆