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  • very nice, i will start use it on monday :) in return I invite you to try my own FocusJUMP : https://sebastienaubry.pagesperso-orange.fr/focusjump/
  • Good addon but now have some bugs on my browser. Alarms not work. Firefox 67.0.2
  • all good, thanks (windows 10, firefox)
  • Everyday I have to reset the alarms from on to off then back on again before it works right.
  • keep going
    best addon
  • Only worked the first time...
  • At first it looks fine, but in fact the the timer is stuck to one tab, so if you switch tab or close the tab that you started the timer with, it will break the whole thing.
  • Yuck.
    More detailed review: no auto-renew timer feature. this is not for productivity. i have no idea what it's for.
  • It worked for a while, and then just stopped. Disappointing, since I was starting to count on the alarm to go off....
  • Simplistic and elegant. Very useful.
  • gg
  • Thank you. Just what's needed. An alert pops to screen with a titled reminder, plus the option to repeat weekly. Wishlist: an option to disable sound.
  • BUG: It doesnt trigger alarms consistently. I think the issue is if Firefox closes and the alarm happens later a day or so later, then it forgets. For example, i have two alarms set right now and i have had Firefox running for 8 hours now but prior to this my system was off...the timers were to trigger right now but both did not. Its a clear long time bug that the author doesnt care to fix.

    AUTHOR: Please add a context-menu so one can create a timer. Seems silly that one has to rely on the icon to get access...i prefer to hide the icon because it just sits there doing nothing.