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Cristoph wrote:"As you can see from the plugins description, it relies heavily on the underlying OS for Firefox->Thunderbird communication."In this case, I should have mentioned the OS: Windows 7 Professional. I was thinking of using the links in Horst Shaeffer's MemPad and Calendar, from which I've already launched the default browser, which then displays the correct web-mail message, if you load the reminder (or the date) with the correct hyperlink. I was hoping to have SeaMonkey open in the same way, when these same links is activated -- assuming your utility can give me a link to paste. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this -- there is a 'tip' that we should follow a link to the 'support section' for technical assistance ... but when I do that, a page comes up without any links for this purpose.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.05). 

First of all: At the end of the plugin description there is a note about what to do if you need support. Please contact me using the address provided there for further communication and don't post your questions here.
Secondly: it seems you can install the ThunderLink extension in Seamonkey (instructions below).
Right-clicking on an email will then give you the option to copy a thunderlink into the clipboard. What you then can do is open seamonkey with the -thunderlink option like that:
seamonkey -thunderlink "<the thunderlink goes here>"

This will open that single email. I'm not sure if that's enough for your usecase, but if it is then you'll have to do the following to install ThunderLink in seamonkey:

1. Download the ThunderLInk .xpi file using right-click
2. Open the file with a zip-archive reader and extract the install.rdf file
3. Add the following below the entry for thunderbird: <em:targetApplication>
<Description><!-- seamonkey -->
4. Put the new install.rdf in the archive
5. Install the .xpi in Seamonky; restart

Please let me know if that helped. I'm afraid, though, that there's little else that can be done. The full functionality of the plugin (selecting the email in the already-open inbox view) unfortunately doesn't work with seamonkey.

So, I end up with three stars because my plugin didn't do what you thought it might?

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I just upgraded to the most recent SeaMonkey and the most recent ThunderLink v0.05 gives and error message from SeaMonkey, when I attempt to load it. If it's compatible with Thunderbird I thought it should be running in SeaMonkey as well? Or not?P.S.: I'll be sure to come back and add more stars, when it's up and running. Seems to be just what I've been looking for ...

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.05). 

I'm not surprised by the fact that it doesn't work out-of-the-box. Didn't test it with SeaMonkey. In fact, I only now read up on what SeaMonkey actually is :)
As you can see from the plugins description, it relies heavily on the underlying OS for Firefox->Thunderbird communication. How this can be achieved when both applications run as one might be similar - or totally different. I'll have to look into that.