783 notes
  • Excellent extension, sadly it messes up my setup with lots tab containers and conex: the default behavior Ctrl+T is to open tab in the current container, Tabliss always fallback to the default.
    This can be an incompatibility between the extensions, so I don't know if it's even possible to fix.

    Anyway thanks for great work!
    Hi! Yeah this is an incompatibility between Tabliss and Containers. But good news - I have a fix for this coming in the next major release!
  • the web version has options, but not the addons
  • Used it for over a year. Every time I open a new tab, people got "wowed" from the beautiful layout.
  • Uau! Perfect!
  • no le entiendo para activarlo :v al menos deberia de estar en español
  • Very clean, and it works well.