856 notes
  • best in class
  • Great Extension. I think it lacks some things :
    1-shadow for text to avoid that become unreadable on white background
    2-Excluding tag for custom search : these tags don't select the images that I don't want to show : for example something like *space and all image tagged with space isn't shown anymore...
    3-Example and pattern for css.
  • Great addon but it would 5-stars if it synced settings with firefox sync
  • plz Yahoo, isn't more localized as search engine
  • I love it!
  • Make Storage cleaning when closing Firefox. And delete that weird GIF from there.

    I explain reason. For many, the profile is backup automatically, and the extra 3 MB turns into many gigabytes when there are many backups.
    Delete manually saved images does not work, the extension stops working.

    In this case, I will be happy to use your addition.
  • Pretty good. Lost a couple stars because all the links I added have disappeared on both home/work PCs.