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Hi !A few months ago, I had recommended that you add an option to allow recolouring of tab groups. I have been using it and it works very well for me. Thanks a lot.

I often get the feeling that Tab Kit 2 is made wit a focus on Tree style tab usage which is great and works well when the tabs are on top of the browser as well. But, adding just a few more features will make it a complete addon for those who like to use the Tabbar on the top of the browser. Here are a few of the things I suggest :1. A function to move a Tab group to the leftmost/rightmost position on the Tabbar would help organise Tab groups better.Additionally you could let the user set a prefrence to move the tab groups in a collapsed or an uncollapsed state.2. Instead of having a "Global actions" menu which has within it commands for Sorting tabs and Grouping tabs - Why not have Two menus "Sort Tabs" and "Group Tabs" in its place. This way sorting tabs would take one step less.Right click on tab -- Click on Tab Kit -- Click on Sort Tabs -- Click on Sort tabs by opener.3. A function to move a Tab group to a new window would be great. Right now I use Multiple Tab Handler. and Tab Kit 2 together. If Tab Kit 2 had the above function, it will be able to do everything that Multiple tab handler does.

To everyone reading this: This is the greatest Tab Manager addon you would find. It is better than Tab Mix Plus, Tab Utilities, Tree style Tabs, or even Multiple Tabs Handler.

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Thanks for feedback

My opinion on your suggestion

1. Should be able to implement
2. Possible but don't know what benefit will it do. Is it an option that would be accessed so often?
3. I am not sure if this can be done easily.
Moving tabs across windows are tricky enough.
I think I won't do it at the moment as the grouping code is quite complex.
But I would consider doing it after rewrite.

Please open issues in GitHub if you want to discuss further. :)