"close tab" button disappears when tabs go multi row Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

I use FF 24.3.0 ESR because I do not want those frequent feature updates.
I also always open links in new tabs so I usually have quite a number of tabs open.
Since a few weeks the "close tab" button disappears when the tab bar opens the second row (I use multirow with 3 rows)
This is very annoying as I mostly use this button to close tabs because it always closes the active tab so that I do not have to click in different positions.
I now use Ctrl-W for that purpose but that is not as finger friendly as a clickable button.

Remark: I've found the "close button" addon which works as desired. It's a pity though that I have to install an extra addon for a purpose that tabmix used to support.

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