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  • Best extension ever, it was the main reason I used Firefox and the reason why I have now changed over to Waterfox.
  • Super Addon, geht leider wie viele gute Addons und Java mit WebExtention ab FF56 nicht mehr. Habe deshalb Firefox deinstalliert und bin zu PaleMoon und Basilisk gewechselt. Funktionieren beide perfekt auch mit TabMixPlus.
  • 5-star rating for the old version. Sadly it's no longer available for the new Firefox! Using Izheil's Firefox-57-full-dark-theme-with-scrollbars on GitHub at least brings back the multi-row tab feature
  • I had been using TMP since I first discovered and fell in love with Firefox (pre-TMP days), back in 2004 at least. I loved Firefox already, and TMP made it so much more enjoyable... indispensable part of FF, in fact.

    Amazing freedom of control over my tabs, the way they open, react, look, context menus, positioned, reload/close groups of tabs etc. The most important to me being multi-line tab rows which was lost when Quantum was released. I ignorantly used FF Quantum for about 8 months, stubbornly thinking TMP would easily update soon enough to be compatible, but after the 8 months I finally caved and searched for "What happened to TMP?", and saw it's just not compatible with FF Quantum. So with not much hesitation and with swift action, I uninstalled Quantum and went back to a "critically out-of-date" Firefox.

    TMP is that good. Plus my other Extensions finally work again. 10+ years and running.
  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox Quantum. Hope it can be fixed, cause this Tab Mix is so convenient.
  • This one extension is so comprehensively useful that Firefox feels handcuffed without it.
  • I love this extension.
  • Most valuable add-on from the all! I wish success to the developer in all beginnings!
  • I can't register on your forum because the version of recaptcha you use there seems to be outdated, so I have to submit my bug here. I've always been very pleased with TMP, but now there seems to be something not working.
    I'm on Waterfox and according to this webpage it seems TMP is incompatible with my browser (WF 56.2.2). The latest version of TMP did show up in the available updates though. This version can't handle my custom shortcut, and I can't change it in about:config either (the changed setting won't be accepted after pressing OK). I can set it in the TMP settings, it will then work, but this change is not persistent and after restarting WF the custom setting disappears and I'd have to set it every time after restart. I downgraded to and everything is okay again.
    I hope you can look into this.

    Thank you for your work.
  • Add on molto utile e pieno di funzionalità. A+++
  • this is an essential add on.
    very brave from mozilla to destroy it.
    luckily there's alt-tech right around the corner to replace firefox

    so long, forgottenfox
  • Tab Mix Plus and Classic Theme restorer are my two essential add ons. I've spent countless hours over the last couple of years trying to hand on to the look and feel of my browser against almost insurmountable odds.
  • Eine der wichtigsten Add-ons für Firefox.
    Schade daß so wie dieses aber auch andere wichtige 'Zusatzfunktionen-Add-ons' nicht mehr funktionieren.
    Das ist doch das was Firefox zu Firefox gemacht hat. Wegen solcher Zusatzprogramme wurde Firefox zu 'DEM' Browser überhaupt.
    Ohne diese Add-ons und ihre wichtigen Programmierer ist Firefox NICHTS mehr. Eigentlich ist Firefox ohne diese Leute nur noch Müll!!!
    Ihr Mozilla-Heinis habt's echt kaputt gemacht.
    Sch... ade!!!
  • I miss it!
  • one of my essential add-ons I definitely don't want to miss once FF ESR will jump to v60
  • Hi onemen and Gary Reyes,

    This was one of the best extension they me and all my friends were using. I am so sad that you guys have stopped the maintaining of this extension. Please please do continue contributing to this awesome extension and we all really look forward this to be available/compatible with the all new Firefox versions.

    Looking forward to hear from you guys about the good news. :)
  • I liked this one, in fact, I used the add-on in many moons, but found this one is a cause my ff works slow, slow as slug. After disable the add-on, my ff works fast, regains the speed. No longer needed and useful because i just needed it for using scroll whell on tab bar. Will be removed from my PC. Thank you and bye.

    After removed from my ff, my newly-bought Core i7 PC + debian runs ff really smooth. :) No lug, no hung. :D I will not recommend the add-on to people around me. This add-on "improves" your ff to rubbish.
  • TMP ist essential for my daily work. For many details, but most importantly for one thing I couldn't find in any other browser than the OLD Firefox with Tab-Mix-plus: multi-line tabs.
    It has been a horror beeing forced back to single line tabs by the "great" new firefox quantum. I took all efforts to go back to the previous firefox, where I am now - and I have to confirm every now and then that I really don't want to update. No, Not later, never, because you cancelled my Tab lines. I also went to waterfox, iterating through all the Waterfox versions - only to discover that at the end there was a Tab-Mix-Plus without miltiple Tab lines.

    Today I was scared again because of the wrong TMP-Version. But Thanks God I could move back to the previous TMP too.

    I cannot believe how such an important tool as a web browser can be destroyed so thoroughly by all verndors at the same time in a few weeks. Last resort: Old Firefox with old Tab Mix PLus
  • I'll give the developer the benefit of the doubt and assume some catastrophic mistake made him publish this update by mistake, but that doesn't change the fact that it's left me scrambling for the links I needed for work which I had neatly stored in sessions. Is there even any functionality left? The extensions page marks it as enabled, but I don't see any difference.

    This add-on was a big part of the reason why migrated from Firefox to Waterfox. It's frankly infuriating how vulnerable we all are as users.
    The update from yesterday was a mistake.
    You can reinstall the latest version 0.5.04 from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-mix-plus.
    The latest beta is here: https://bitbucket.org/onemen/tabmixplus/downloads/tab_mix_plus-
    I am currently working on Tab mix WebExtension, but it will take some time to rewrite all the code.
  • I have been using this addon for years and didn't even update to the new Firefox (was on 57) just cause this addon was missing. I would've given it 10/5 every time.

    Until for some genius reason, they added addon update here which has no useful functionallity from older ones (you know, X button to close tabs, Close All Similar Tabs, Open New Tab next to the current one.. among others). There isn't even an options for Tab Mix Plus. WTF was the point of adding this update and ruining the current installation for everyone?

    Now I even updated to the new Firefox, thinking that maybe the older version is the reason why I can't see functionality of the newer TMP update. Nope, it's the same. No option, all those features that made it useful, missing. And having updated my Firefox, I can't be arsed with going back cause it removed older addons for me, which worked on previous version of FF.

    I'll change the rating if this addon actually becomes useful. Right now it's just a waste of space.

    EDIT: Also, apparently the newer version is "Web Extension" version. So why was this updated to do nothing?

    EDIT 2: Updated ratings back to 5/5 since I went back to old version eventually and now updated to Quantum so meh!
    The update from yesterday was a mistake.
    You can reinstall the latest version 0.5.04 from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-mix-plus.
    The latest beta is here: https://bitbucket.org/onemen/tabmixplus/downloads/tab_mix_plus-
    I am currently working on Tab mix WebExtension, but it will take some time to rewrite all the code.
  • The review stars are for Version, not the version that it just (May 26 2018) updated to, 0.5.1. If I gave that a review, it would be one star because of all the functionality stripped out, presumably due to Firefox Quantum and its breaking of the addon environment.

    That seemed unfair when I easily and successfully reverted to the prior version (just look at the app page and click "see all versions").

    Things Tabs Mix Plus does for me:
    Add an X to each tab so I can close it without focusing it or right clicking it.
    Choose where new tabs and opened tabs go relative to the current tab
    Adjust tab size so that I can see more
    Greyscale tabs that haven't been refreshed so I know which will do some loading before I can view the web page.
    Prevent popups and other links from generating new windows, opening them in tabs if at all.
    A dozen other things that are simply part of my comfortable user experience.

    Review is in Waterfox, which I switched to after Firefox 57 was released and broke addons in the ongoing quest to make every browser into a Chrome clone.
    The update from yesterday was a mistake.

    The latest beta is here: https://bitbucket.org/onemen/tabmixplus/downloads/tab_mix_plus-

    I am currently working on Tab mix WebExtension, but it will take some time to rewrite all the code.
  • Indispensable!!
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-mix-plus-webextension/
  • We love Tab Mix Plus and its Session Manager. Its functionality should be incorporated into Firefox. However, it isn't, which makes it a top required extension for any serious Internet surfer!
  • I do not live without it. I tried upgrading to Firefox Quantum, but without this add-on I could not. The new version they indicated, I could not configure.