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  • Our privacy is precious don't use Stylish, use Stylus (open source)
  • Works great, but uses WAY too many resources. My laptop's battery drains very quickly and the CPU usage is always high whenever Firefox is open. The moment I uninstalled this extension, the CPU usage dropped back to normal. Will reinstall once something is done about this.
  • Doesn't need all this data access and thus, is getting deleted.
  • Fake
  • works sometimes, and when it does it's great. constantly have to remove and re add because it stops working.
  • According to an explosion of articles on this extension: (one from robertheatonDOTcom) "since January 2017, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website ... its 2 million other users visit"

    Let that sink in... Every. Single. Website. Recorded and Saved.

    My understanding was that they were removed from both Mozilla and Chrome stores. Shocked to see them back here after the base betrayal of their userbase. Shame on Mozilla for allowing this. This should be a lifetime ban!

    Use STYLUS (github) instead. Use this extension at your own risk. (forewarned in forearmed)
  • This is my first time trying Stylish in Firefox Quantum. I expected the same full-screen experience that I've been enjoying in older versions of Firefox. Instead, I had about 15% of full-screen to use. So, this sucks. I'm not going to spend hours writing code in a tiny box. Are you kidding me? I'll avoid Stylish in Firefox Quantum. Good lord.
  • html5工程师用这个神器,很轻松,随便改改网页