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  • This is my first time trying Stylish in Firefox Quantum. I expected the same full-screen experience that I've been enjoying in older versions of Firefox. Instead, I had about 15% of full-screen to use. So, this sucks. I'm not going to spend hours writing code in a tiny box. Are you kidding me? I'll avoid Stylish in Firefox Quantum. Good lord.
  • I have facebook and twitter blocked and using a VPN, so your site userstyles.org isn't usable. Lame. If I can't even see the styles available because I don't need to use your friends hackshack make you no better. Hackshack is what you are until you let up on the snooping. There is a difference in functional access and being a jerk. I will quit being lazy and write my own CSS thank you for the fun we had, goodbye until your site is usable without opening up my soul
  • html5工程师用这个神器,很轻松,随便改改网页
  • Gotta love the dark theme
  • come back here again?? NOWAY
  • Sypware die eure Daten gesammelt hat und wohl möglich auch weiterhin sammelt. "Stylus" ist die gute Alternative
  • This is not the same old stylish. It's something new and grotesque, the userstyles page is filled with ads.
  • Spyware
  • very useful!