63 critiques pour ce module
  • Thank you! Automatically playing videos made Youtube a minefield. But this great restartless extension worked immediately.
  • Dec. 9th; version 0.2.0 doesn't work anymore
  • good work Kashif bhai
  • Great FF add-on!
    Needed to restart in first use;
    In Youtube, sometimes it plays only sound, so it needs to reload the page 3 times to start video+sound;
    Another times we can't see any video from YT, because the screen keeps dark and we need to see in another browser.
  • FF 15.0.1, StopTube 0.1.0
    Works for me. YouTube HTML5 videos do not load until click in the box where the video will be.
    Nicely complements Flashblock.

    Author: Have you considered releasing a Greasemonkey version of this?

    Good work, and thank you.
  • Works well for me in FIrefox 15.0 on Windows 7. Thanks!
  • Switched to HTM5 Youtube, looked for an autoplay blocker. This is the only option. Unfortunately this doesn't work. Videos load and start playing immediately. What a shame.
    Contact me on my email address listed as Support Email
  • Firefox 15.0, Linux. Doesn't work.
  • Did not work on any of the HTML5 videos I checked on Youtube, also disabled TubeStop 4 incase that was interfering without change.
  • this addon don't block webm, but only javascript ... same function stands up for yesscript ( https://addons.mozilla.org/cs/firefox/addon/yesscript/?src=search ), yesscript works globaly ... but still, 3 stars for automation of this :)
  • The addon does not require browser restart, so it was just install and use. First test, and my little netbook attempted to play the video and loaded the first second... but was caught in the act and stopped. I loved it in the first use. I bet my desktop would run it faster and stop the video before any load. Nice add-on. I just want the same add-on for Chrome!
    Thanks for your review. Actually addon waits until the first frame is loaded. This is because complete video information (required to start playing after block) is not available until the first frame load.
  • I see this as becoming a very popular add-on on par with Flash Block..

    A must have and a big TY to the developer..
  • This is really good. Click to play starts loading of video. Very useful. When open more than one youtube windows HTML5 videos start loading at same time. With this add-on you regain controls. Five star plus more stars if it worked on all sites rendering HTML5 videos.