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  • Cyberfox 52.0.3 - изображение блочит, да только звук работает)
  • I am on Firefox 51+ 32-bit and this did nothing to stop the videos on YouTube, so I had to uninstall. Remember, you have to uninstall and remove Adobe Flash from your computer or at least from Firefox. I switched to the add-on - HTML5 Video Everywhere! - and it finally stopped autoplay of HTML5 videos. The only "bug" is on CNN.com which requires two clicks to play, but the only one I found that worked stopping autoplay.
  • 沒有用、沒有用、沒有用,很重要所以講三次。
  • show error if you want to play
  • Like a lot of other extensions claim to stop autoplay on Youtube, this does not do that either. Just don't waste your time. I already wasted time writing this review, but hopefully this review will save other people's time, so I'm doing it for humanity :)
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  • Perhaps some of what works for me will help others having problems. First, I need to have Flash installed. But because I do not want flash content to load and play automatically when browsing, I have installed the FlashDisable plugin, which works wonderfully. I browse with this activated, and deactivate it with a click on the button if I need Flash on a certain webpage. With YouTube, if FlashDisable is activated when I click on the Stop Tube white screen, I get an error message (I assume it would do the same without Flash installed or if it is disabled). So I need to have FlashDisable deactivated when I go to the video I want.The white screen briefly flashes, then it changes to a window asking me to activate Flash Player. I click on it and video then plays normally using Flash rather than HTML5. Hope some of you find this helpful.

    I only wish there were something like this to globally block HTML5 video from loading, rather than just with YouTube.
  • It does not work.
  • Like the last two reviewers, audio starts playing, with no video. The video is white with a youtube icon in the middle. It just starting doing this this week!
  • Audio still playing
  • The idea is great. Video doesn't play. Audio starts playing.
    Using FF 43 on Mac OS X 10.8
  • I enjoy to watch 3D movies on the You Tube, but the cursed HTML5 it turns out was preventing any "options" so was forced to see only side by side vs coloured glasses. With this add-on, the various 3D options are fully restored! That's excellent. tx
  • All I wanted is something that stops youtube videos from automatically playing. Everything else glitches or doesn't do what it says. This is simple and effective. It should get more stars than what it has on average.
  • İt's working very well, thank u : )
  • works great! thanx dood!!
  • Firefox 40.0.3 running on Win 10 Pro and Flash is not installed. The basic function works where the autoplayed HTML5 video is replaced with a click-to-play link. However, when I try to manually start the video, the video errors (An error occurred. Please try again later.) while the audio plays correctly.
  • I see the click-to-play screen for half a second, then Youtube tries to play the flash version. So I have the same situation as with noscript: I can stop autoplay, but if I want to actually play a video, it's always flash.
    I am logged in to Youtube and I have set the html5-option. (Firefox 40.0.3, Ubuntu 14.04)
  • I does not work. Autoplay continues
  • This is the only workaround for ubuntu 14.04 with FF 40.0 and buggy html5 playback, so I can use Flash until bugs are solved.
    Thank you.
  • Works ok but only for fresh page loads and not refresh or links.
  • BROKEN. It does stop the video from autoplay but it also stops it from ever playing at all. Even when you click on the play button or logo now the Youtube video won't load!
    It's useless!
  • don't playing
  • The trick with "media.windows-media-foundation.enabled" setting to false, also doesn't work. It forces flash player and so this addon is effectively useless.
  • Useless. All it does is cover the video with an overlay while the video continues to run behind it.