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Great add on. Although, for some reason I have trouble opening up speeddials of two digits ending in zero. For example, when I want to open up my Pinterest (my speed dial 20) in a new tab, I'll hold Ctrl+Shift and press 2 followed by 0... BUT only .2 shows up on my screen, and I'm directed to my speed dial 2 (in my case, Gmail). Same thing happens with my speeddial 10.

Other than that, it's fantastic!

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This is a great addon that speeds up my daily browsing. I've memorized the bookmarks on my first group, and regularly use the Ctrl + (Shift) + [Number] shortcut. This addon is one of why I returned to Firefox, after a brief foray with Chrome. Chrome doesn't have a speeddial extension that offers this functionality. I have five other groups, that I use as a visual resource, organized by theme and color coded. BUT Speed Dial would be even better: (1) if it were easier to add new bookmarks to firefox mobile (perhaps by using a long-press) AND (2) if there were a way to sync groups across multiple devices. In these times that functionality is highly desired.

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