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  • excellent add-on.
  • works beautifully, especially love the ability to set multiple sites to one dial so I can draw up my personal email, work AND facebook with one command.
  • I tested both SD and Fast Dial and way back then, I decided to go with FD because it looked better and used to work with all my add-ons. After its latest released, oh so buggy, I thought to give SD another try. Installed it and this too conflicts with a few of my addons. ACK. Uninstalling it as well. :((((((
  • Speed Dial is OK but personally I prefer iloggo, it's much much better and you can even crop the icons from any part of any web page.

  • Good functionality, however it seems to rob input focus (quite annoying ), and cause firefox to crash closing (at times). Although not confirmed, these cease to happen after I removed SpeedDial.
  • Speed Dial is an excellent add-on for Firefox. Much like the Speed Dial found in Opera. I really like it and works equally well.

    There is also the Fast Dial extension to compare too. Speed Dial definitely has more options to tool around. Offers a lot of customization and control. But it looks very ugly compared to Fast Dial, which looks smooth and sleek. Fast Dial also scales better.

    If you want more options, use Speed Dial. If you are looking for something that looks nice with minimum options, use Fast Dial.
  • SP is faster than FD, I agree but I found other problem with SP:
    - can not create properly the thumbnail of some ajax page (google reader...)
    - too complicate to change size of the thumbnails
    - I use "auto hide bookmark toolbar & status bar", the panels shake (change the place and size) everytime my toolar reappear
  • After trying out both Fast Dial and Speed Dial, I decided on SD. They're similar in features, and are about as fast on my system. But SD uses less memory (don't be fooled by respective download sizes), and is bug free. FD sometimes give me a "shrunk" panel.
  • Exellent
  • can you also do a 'voice dialing'?

  • Excellent! This is exactly what I wanted!
  • brilliant addon. so easy to setup the common websites i visit everyday in a visual way, instead of a toolbar.
  • it's a decent supplement for Firefox based on speed dial in Opera, but it has its issues. The problem that bothered me the most and caused me to stop using this extension is that it removes focus from controls within Firefox at seemingly random times.
  • A wonderful, simple, and customizable addon. I'm totally addicted. I only wish that you could add more than 9 and scroll down - or have smaller icons. But it is still a fivestar function!
  • 2 suggesting(main issues):

    1) in Paul.Grenfell's review
    increase "Capture Delay" and "Capture Timeout".
    The default setting is unuseable, when I try to reflash many websites thumbnails at same time, they all become blank image.

    2) set "defaultRefreshInterval" to 0
    the default setting was 1day

    Because when people first time use speeddial, they have no chance to know those 3 settings in about:config. Besides, issue 1+2 will cause too many thumbnails become blank image and slow the speed dial when opening it.
  • it's cool
  • Very, very useful component! But it could be nice to have support for flash sites or sites that are using flash in banners or other places... Right now, the thumbnail doesn't show the flash elements...

  • Really great extension, but the button is an issue for me. Get rid of the drop down arrow next to the button, and this thing will be my favorite.
  • Works first time fine and after update and reopening firefox some times it works not correcly!

    After updating this plugin there's no preview of (available) Websites! I can select it and also I see the Website-Title / Icon

    (Problem: Firefox 3.0.1 runs on Vista 32/64 and also seen this bug on some XP machines)

    Hope that this bug will fixed soon!
  • Hi!
    I tried Fast Dial! I prefer this one: lighter and with more contents visible immediately: thank you Josep!
  • Great extension, but after some of the last updates it stopped opening in new blank tabs even though the setting is set to do so. Firefox version is most recent 2.xx
  • I absolutely love this add-on. I think it has to be my favorite and I use lots of them. It has genuinely changed the way I browse for the first time since tabs were invented! Thanks a million Josep.

    I'd like to mention a few new features I'd love to see in future versions if I may.

    1) The big one for me is I'd like to be able to have different numbers of rows and columns in different groups.

    2) I'd like to able to set the background colour of the group to a different colour to the colour of the dial boxes.

    3) I'd like to be able to change the font sizes of the headings.

    4) And just a small thing but I think it would be more polished looking if the corners of the group tabs were rounded like the corners of the dial boxes.

    Hope I'm not being cheeky here! Just trying to give constructive suggestions.

    Once again, thanks so much Josep for a great add-on
  • I've tired FastDial and this one os so much better.
  • I've tired FastDial and this one os so much better.