1 452 critiques pour ce module
  • Настройте Firefox под Speed Dial даже если он не будет обновляться или дайте возможность откатить Firefox до предыдущей версии!
  • Быстро и удобно! Очень жаль, что не совместимо с Firefox Quantum.
  • Супер приложение, обновите до новой версии firefox!!!!
  • Shame on firefox for blocking this add-on in newest update.
    This extension was the main think keeping me from abandoning this sluggish browser!
  • pleeeeease update to Quantum!
    I can't live without keyboard shortcuts to saved urls since I was an Opera user in the Nineties!!
  • Pleeeease make it available in FF Quantum,
  • Melhor extensão para Firefox, não encontrei nenhuma tão boa.
  • самый лучший
  • Excellent tool. Please make it available again in the new Firefox version
  • Five Stars. Very cool addon Please Please Update for Firefox 57+.
  • HELP, make an Upfate for Quantum compatibility, It's so painfl it is disabled for quatum version !

    Thank you in advance. Hope you read the message..
  • I love this extension! I use it so much and now that Quantum has come along I can't use it :-( PLEASE update this for the latex Firefox.
  • I also ask for an update with support for Firefox 57. The add-on is one of the best for Firefox. From me there are therefore 5 stars
  • Будь-ласка поновіть доповнення,дуже корисна річ,дякую за вашу працю.
  • Best speed-dial app, works just great. Hope for an update for FF57.
  • Please Update .. this is the best app ever .. !!
  • Best among the rest! Please update for Firefox Quantum. I cannot live, at this moment, without it. I downgraded to Firefox 56 for now. I Need to find time to save all my speed dial sites and a replacement.
  • It was a plesure using this app. Hope for update.
  • Was literally the best add-on of this kind.
  • je n'ai que 11 fenêtres avec l'ancienne version c’était illimité, donc je pense ne pas l'utiliser. Dommage j’aimais bien
  • extrême facilité de navigation parmi les raccourcis - excellente visibilité des raccourcis - facilité de gestion et de configuration de l'application gestion de l 'application - dommage que speed dial ne soit plus compatible avec le nouveau firefox
  • Can u please update
  • Quantum ffs =( pls update
  • The new version will be?