1 450 critiques pour ce module
  • Супер приложение, обновите до новой версии firefox!!!!

  • Shame on firefox for blocking this add-on in newest update.
    This extension was the main think keeping me from abandoning this sluggish browser!

  • pleeeeease update to Quantum!
    I can't live without keyboard shortcuts to saved urls since I was an Opera user in the Nineties!!

  • Pleeeease make it available in FF Quantum,

  • Melhor extensão para Firefox, não encontrei nenhuma tão boa.

  • самый лучший

  • Excellent tool. Please make it available again in the new Firefox version

  • Five Stars. Very cool addon Please Please Update for Firefox 57+.

  • HELP, make an Upfate for Quantum compatibility, It's so painfl it is disabled for quatum version !

    Thank you in advance. Hope you read the message..

  • I love this extension! I use it so much and now that Quantum has come along I can't use it :-( PLEASE update this for the latex Firefox.

  • I also ask for an update with support for Firefox 57. The add-on is one of the best for Firefox. From me there are therefore 5 stars

  • Будь-ласка поновіть доповнення,дуже корисна річ,дякую за вашу працю.

  • Best speed-dial app, works just great. Hope for an update for FF57.

  • Please Update .. this is the best app ever .. !!

  • Best among the rest! Please update for Firefox Quantum. I cannot live, at this moment, without it. I downgraded to Firefox 56 for now. I Need to find time to save all my speed dial sites and a replacement.

  • It was a plesure using this app. Hope for update.

  • Was literally the best add-on of this kind.

  • je n'ai que 11 fenêtres avec l'ancienne version c’était illimité, donc je pense ne pas l'utiliser. Dommage j’aimais bien

  • extrême facilité de navigation parmi les raccourcis - excellente visibilité des raccourcis - facilité de gestion et de configuration de l'application gestion de l 'application - dommage que speed dial ne soit plus compatible avec le nouveau firefox

  • Can u please update


  • Quantum ffs =( pls update

  • The new version will be?

  • Speed Dial are the best add ons for all browsers and should stay as default app with any update! When after Firefox update to newest Quantum version my Speed Dial has missing, I back to 56.0.2 an older Firefox version to export latest Speed Dial (file copy & paste) to Sea Monkey and Pale Moon browsers to keep them safe and continuously to enjoy internet browsing. Despite I like newest Firefox Quantum version but instead I started to use Sea Monkey and Pale Moon as my main browsers.

    I hope Josep del Rio or even Mozilla itself soon will make Speed Dials compatible with Firefox Quantum. I can't imagine browsing internet with Firefox without Speed Dials (many groups & hundreds bookmark collection of science, nature, news, fun and etc).

    And for now Good buy new Firefox until old and good Speed Dials will back again!

  • Please, make this addon for new FF!