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  • Best, most useful app. Please update so it can be used in Firefox 57
  • Please Update .. this is the best app ever!!!
  • Great bookmarking plugin, but since new update it hasn't been working. Mr. Developer, plz update it...

    Group Speed Dial (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/groupspeeddial/)

    RU Отличная замена SpeedDial от Josep (есть возможность импорта закладок из его плагина) из-за несовместимости с Квантум Файрфокс, ещё больше настроек и облачная синхронизация даже на мобильном. Рекомендую к использованию.

    ENG Excellent replacement for SpeedDial from Josep (there is a feature for import bookmarks from his plugin) because of incompatibility with Firefox Quantum. Even more settings and cloud sync. on mobile devices.
  • постоянная синхронизация, всё моргает на панели задач! как это убрать??? раньше этого не было!!
  • This is best tool I ever had in Firefox. I am very sorry because is not compatible with Quantum. I rather use older version of Firefox, only because this tool is perfect. Best than bookmark.
  • Отличное расширение. Множество настроек, простое и понятное. Жаль не работает в Firefox 57.
  • My guess is that Speed Dial won't be updated because of the webextensions Firefox now uses. I have been searching for alternatives, which there are, but none of them has the practical button on the toolbar with drop-down selection. So I am really gonna miss this add-on, but it is absolutely worth it's stars!
  • Обновите пожалуйста!
  • Fed up with firefox which prevents us from using our favorite adds-on !
  • Обновите до firefox quantum плз!!!
  • i really love this app, actually my whole life is literally on it, but since the update of firefox i cant use it anymore :( plz update ASAP
  • this sucks....I want to go back to the old version this is not working for me.
  • Тоже очень хочется им пользоваться на Фаерфоксе:))) Самое лучшее:))))
  • I actually love Speed Dial and I would give it 5 stars if I was able use it with Firefox Quantam. However, when Firefox updated to the latest version (57.0), Speed Dial cannot be used. I had to downgrade my Firefox in order to keep using it. Please fix it so it will work with the latest Firefox upgrades.
  • @ Sanorin Thanks a lot for your tip. So many great addons need an update with Ffx 57.
  • Лучшее дополнение из всех подобных, но очень хотелось бы восстановить его работоспособность на новой версии Firefox.
  • Aggiornate a Firefox 51 Quantum vi prego!
  • This add-on is simply indispensable! The keyboard shortcuts feature is my favorite. Finding it tough to cope without this in the latest Firefox version. Please provide an update as soon as possible.
  • This extension has been my Firefox homepage for years, but unfortunately it hasn't been updated in a while and it's unsupported since FF57. It's not the best looking one, but it did its job and had plenty of customization options.

    Now I have switched to New Tab Tools (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-tools/) which is quite similar and looks great.

    Thanks for the good times!
  • It's not compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Please update this extension as I use it all the time!
  • Es la mejor extension, habra update para el nuevo firefox?
  • please update speed dial for firefox quantum...is the best feature of firefox
  • It looks like SpeedDial may not be updated to work in the new FF. Give Group Speed Dial a try. Has a nice import feature to pull in your old SpeedDial settings.

  • This is the best bookmarks tool, for firefox, that I have come across. It is very easy to use, has very useful features and is customisable. Great add-on for anyone who regularly visits a lot of websites and finds it difficult to remember all of them. It also allows users to group websites and name each group.
  • Please update. This was the only reason I stayed with Firefox. Otherwise, I would have left to to use Chrome years ago.