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  • Пожалуйста сделайте обновление на новый Firefox
  • Number 1 //The Best !!!
  • Great with Waterfox 56.2.3!

    Tab Notes on Speed Dial:

  • Круто
  • Thankfully, waterfox is a great fit for this great add-on speed dial
  • Perfektní.
  • The fact that this is easy to use is a plus. Resizing, organizing and grouping the speed dials are simple. I highly recommend. I am now waiting for Speeddial to be compatible with Firefox Quantum (v 58.0).
  • 這個套件非常的棒,可惜不再更新
  • to save your lost speeddial bookmarks:
    1. download portable mozilla 52 esr from portableapps
    2. install speeddial addon
    3. search your hdd for .speeddial files
    4. import settings from the newest file
    5. export as html or continue to use mozilla 52 esr
  • Лучшие закладки были... Несчастная после того, как обновленная мозила перестала работать с приложением...
  • Please update the dial to work in the latest Firefox version, I really miss this dial!
  • Please, update it for new FF!! IMO it's the best speed dial here, but it's not compatible with FF 57+.
  • love this extention! use it about 5 years or longer!
  • please update this speed dial for the newest version of mozilla firefox...thanks
  • I love this Speed Dial, and agree, it needs to be updated to be compatible with FF57. I have reloaded FF 56 so i can continue to use it.

    Now, can anyone tell me where to disable the constant requests to update FF?
    I will keep 56 until Speed Dial works with FF 57 or later.
  • FF 57 has been out for over 1 month. Developer has not indicated here or on his website that he has any intention of making it compatible with 57.


    Either re-install 56 or learn to live without it or find an alternative, even if it's not as good. Those are the only choices.
  • Proste, skuteczne i bezproblemowe.
  • very useful extension not working in FX 57.0.2 !! Very Sad
  • Очень удобно хранить ссылки на посещенные страницы. можно сделать много групп, дать название группе по тематике, количество ссылок в группе можно задать, Установить частоту обновления, Можно сортировать перетаскивая ярлычок. Отличное приложение, Жаль перестало работать в FF57. Надеюсь автор обновит программу.
    It is very convenient to store links to visited pages. You can make many groups, give a name to the group by subject, the number of links in the group can be set, Set the refresh rate, You can sort by dragging the shortcut. Excellent application, Sorry it stopped working in FF57. I hope the author will update the program.
  • Best speed dial befor FF57

    What is the best alternative in FF57 ??
  • Fatest speed dial and only reason that I use firefox
  • Hi. Please add Firefox 57. Best extension. I'm using FF only because of Speeddial.
  • Because its not Working with Firefox 57? I only give 1 Star!!! Normaly i would give 5...
    I will not Update my Firefox "56.0.2" to "57.0" untill it works.

    So I would Advise everyone to Download Firefox 56.0.2 And but klick off the Automatic Update in Firefox before Installing.
  • Приложение даёт бесконечное количество форы разработчикам браузеров. Визуальное представление страниц, безграничное удобство благодаря возможности масштабирования представления числа представленных информационных единиц. Ни один браузер до сих пор не смог решить проблему удобства, на 14. 12.2017 решения куцые и очень ограниченные. Разработчики FireFox, верните SpeedDial, вам до него очень далеко.
  • Invaluable extension. A Firefox 57+ version is a necessity.

    In the meantime, Group Speed Dial is a decent alternative. It even lets you import dials and settings from this extension.