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I'm happy when I saw new version that fix favicon problem in your website. But I have to downgrade to because 'Successfully Update' page didn't keep its promise of showing up only once, and say hello to me everytime I launch Firefox.

Edit: I update to again and edit setting in about:config to stop update page but I have found some kind of restore back up bug. Speed Dial will restore its back up everytime I quit firefox. The missing thumbnail is missing everytime I relaunch browser. Worst thing is I can't edit any link or setting because Speed Dial will revert it back after quit. I try to remove and reinstall delete back up in profile folder, restore default setting, and edit link in about:config but none of it work. Some how Speed Dial manage to restore everything even when I restore default setting and remove it, all setting still left in about:config and I can't delete it. I try to downgrade to earlier version but nothing change.

Fortunately, I have back up Profile folder from before I mess up with Speed Dial. Right now everything is fine, except the favicon.

Edit 2: Afte rrestore back up Profile folder, I experiment upgarde to again. Now I can edit all link and setting and no update page show up every time I launch firefox anymore! What's all happen to me?

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