How to get Speedial working on latest version of Firefox (15 Beta) Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I've seen a few people asking how to get the Speedial working again. Here are instructions how to do it:
Firefox introduced new feature called Top Sites. It is probably a 1st version of this and I hope this will be updated later on to allow more flexibility. Right now this feature interferes with Speed Dial.

To get it working:
1. go to "about:config"
2. go to browser.newtab.url
3. you can change the "about:newtab" to "about:blank" or "about:home" or... that's what we want.. change it to do SpeedDial local custom page which is "chrome://speeddial/content/speeddial.xul"
4. Now it should work again.

Actually I find TopSites to be well implemented but for someone who is accustomed to flexibility it won't replace SpeedDial.

Plus there is another added benefit right now. I have 3 computers and I synchronize (Sugarsync) the SpeedDial settings file SDBackups with all 3 computer (macs and pc) and I get all of them display same speed dial (I have to do import export in Speedial but other than that it works).

I suspect TopSites will be included in Firefox Sync so I may take a look at it again. Right now TopSites is not flexible enough.

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