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Thank you for such nice answer, I'm a little bit confused ☺
b) If "S" may lead to crysis, "SR" will be enough, I think
d) If you intend to hide this field on Local Page it worth to indicate user IP on Shift-hovering or Ctrl-hovering (what is simpler for you, but Shift-hovering is better, I think)
e)The user IP doesn't change frequently, but it happens. If the "SR" could change its color on user IP changing and keep new color until hovering, it would be great (if this not causes significant addon growing).
I have a lot of ideas, but unfortunatelly don't know how to write addon (even the simpliest) by myself ☹

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Good suggestions!

I'll have them in mind for the next version. Not that implementing everything is possible (because some relatively trivial feature technically requires a lot of work).

I'd love to hear about your addon ideas. If you wanna share them with me (no guarantee, but if I find any of them useful - I'll make it), then email me to (debloper [at] gmail)

Thanks again!