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If I un-install or disable IEview, the SmartSearch stops working.

Instead of the search engine opening with the results for the selected text being displayed, I got the results for "$s" being displayed -- "$s" (without the quotes) is supposed to be substituted by the selected text, but this stopped working.

After I re-installed IEview, the "Keyword Bookmarks" started working again. I even disabled IEview - rather than uninstalling it - and the "Keyword Bookmarks" stopped working. All was OK again after I re-enabled IEview.

Hi Chris,

I can't see how to reply to your questions without editing my original review, but as I found your email address on your home page, I will email you to continue the discussion.


Khun RDN

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.6). 

Thanks. Unfortunately...

Thanks for the bug report. I've been trying to reproduce the problem, but I haven't had any luck yet. This is running under Windows, I assume? Any other extensions? Do any changes to the SmartSearch settings -- mainly to whether the results are opened in a window, a tab, or the current browser -- make any difference? Finally, you refer to "$s" in the search results. You should probably be seeing "%s" instead. If it's a typo, please let me know; otherwise, I'll have to figure out how a percent sign is becoming a dollar sign.

A couple other things, if you're willing:
First, do searches from the address bar work? (Entering "google smartsearch," for instance.) This kind of search isn't SmartSearch at all; it's built into Firefox. I just add the menu :)
Second, if you create a new search -- right-clicking on a search box somewhere and choosing "Add a Keyword for this Search" is easiest -- does it have the same problem?

I've e-mailed the creator of IE View to see if he has any thoughts. Any additional information from you or from other users experiencing the same bug would be much appreciated. Thanks again for the report.