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good idea, but what is very frustating (at all) is when new tabs open on the very last right position of all opened tabs. so when multiple tabs are open (e.g. more than 20 or so) which is often when i browse, i have to scroll the tabs until the far away right end.
this is redundant and absolute inacceptable for me.
i spent days for searching an AddOn which lets me open EVERY new tab NEXT to related tab and finally found it in "Foobar's options menu". funny, eh?
SmartClick doesn't destroy this function, but scrolling everytime thru more than 20 tabs or so - NO!
please build in an option which lets the user choose to open the new tabs far right, next to related tab, in another or new tabgroup or in a new window, as foreground- or as background-tab.
the duration-time until a smart click is activated should also be configurable via an options-menu by the user - not only via about:config.
if this options are built in, i think SmartClick would become a must-have for everyone.