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  • Four stars. It's glorious. Best theme I've seen. I want to give it five stars, but I'm on FF 5.2 ESR, (and it may be because of my version,) and everything works perfectly- except for options. On my Options page, the side menu isn't interactive, so I can't access my security and privacy settings. I *want* very much to keep using this theme, but alas, I can't. please- if anyone knows a way to correct this in ESR, post it here? I am sad to turn this off!

    Thanks for the response, Jivko! And it's sad they're not supporting themes anymore. That's the main reason I switched to running Firefox ESR, so I could continue to add themes of my choice, as well as other add-ons no longer supported. Rolling back to earlier versions was an option I didn't care for, but ESR *is* updated and maintained independent of Firefox's main fork. I thank you for the work you've done, and your beautiful theme!
    Unfortunately Mozilla is no longer supporting custom made themes. There's no point for me to continue supporting these.
  • We are FORCED to update FF, then none of my fav themes are compatible! I'd rather go back to an old version of FF. This is disappointing. Skypilot was my all-time favorite theme.
    There's just no point in updating it anymore. Mozilla is no longer supporting custom themes and browser usage and downloads has dropped a lot since 2011. Why should I update it? For me and 10 or so people to use it? Things are no longer the same anymore.
  • Can someone please update this theme? I would donate.
  • IMHO, This is the greatest FF theme ever. I always loved using it. Sadly, it stopped working many FF versions ago. Won't you please update it so we can enjoy it again? :?(
  • Is different and adds a bit of class to a rather boring screen.
    Glad you like it! :) New version available on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/sky-pilot-classic-bluegraypurp/versions/
  • Is an awesome theme, but not compatible with multi row tab bar.
  • Just what I always wanted...an art deco browser.
  • Hey I went ahead and made a new review to make sure you'd be able to see it. This is what it looks like now:


    There isn't the problem of the X/Minimize/Maximize buttons not appearing anymore, along with the shift up when the Firefox menu is opened, but it still looks kinda glitchy still with the line behind the firefox button, the black area behind those Windows buttons, and so on. And the title bar doesn't appear to be the color it should when restored.
    This is a problem with most of my themes and I don't know how to fix it. I'm using Xp and it's fine here. I don't have Windows 7 or 8 to test the theme. I'll see if I do something about this but I can not promise a solution.
  • Went through many themes trying to find the right one to suit my taste. My search is over providing this theme keeps ahead of Mozilla's updates. Just the right tones to work with and the style is remarkable. Thank You
    Be sure to download latest version from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/sky-pilot-classic-bluegraypurp/versions/
  • I used this for about a week, decided not to keep it, but only because of personal taste. The theme is very nicely done, nice attention to detail, and never ran into a bug. Obviously JE puts plenty of time and effort into his work, and I'm not going to knock off stars because I didn't "like" it.
    Thanks John. I'm glad you understand how much time and effort developers put in their themes : )
  • Jivko - great job keeping up with latest updates! You are doing an awesome job, ignore the haters. Rest of us know how hard you've worked over the years to keep up with the latest updates and changes to Sky Pilot. I've never had a problem with virus worries with this add-on. And that's been over many, many updated versions you've managed to produce. Thanks again, keep up the good work, EVERYBODY - DONATE VIA PAYPAL TO JIVKO'S CAUSE. AngelDeb
    P.S. Can anybody do a Theme with Angel Pilots, please?
    Thanks for all the support. I appreciate it. After I save enough for a new machine every cent is going to go for education.
  • Thank you!
  • all the links on your page lead to crap spam and bogus survey junk..i hope you die in your sleep you pissany...your daddy should have rolled over and shot you on the wall.try to make a nickel with that loser.
    Hate all you like.You can skip the survey thing if you want. I upload the most recent versions of my themes on that site. This is not a reason to give a 4 star rate if you ask me. Oh and hating on other people work is kid stuff. Don't act like a 12 year old.
  • Terrible...
  • I love this theme...I only have one issue with it. I have an internet explorer addon and grease monkey add-on. when I place the buttons, where there should be a small triangle I get a repeat of the add-on icon. Do you or will you have a fix for this issue?

    (Solved....I downloaded an new IE add-on but I need a fix for Grease Monkey)
  • This is one of the best themes I've ever used for FF. Great job!
  • After trying several more visible listed themes, I saw Sky Pilot and installed it. I LOVE IT!!!!! Am so happy I found this theme!
  • I love the theme, but I can't find the status bar at the bottom of the page. I like having my weather info down there. Where did it go and how do I get it back?
    There's no status bar in Firefox 4.It was removed and this is not a theme problem.You can right click on the toolbar and tick add-ons bar which is more or less the same thing.
  • Excellent
  • Sky Pilot Classic looks fabulous on FF4. Even though FF gave me a warning and said it was not compatible with my platform (Mac) I installed it anyway. It works fine and looks great! Still my favourite!
  • Jivko, as always, many thanks for keeping the Sky Pilot flying. One question though, what happened to the Netscape-Lindberg background when you click on About Firefox?
    I added this image when I updated the theme for Firefox 3.6.It wasn't part of the original.There's a small bug with it and that's why I haven't put it in Firefox 4 yet.I'll try to add it back in RC 2 or final.I don't know which is going to be the next version.I'm a bit surprised that this first RC got reviewed cuz there are a lot more things which I need to work on. :)
  • One of my all-time favorites. I am glad to see that you are planning on updating it to work with FF 4 .
  • My first time to install an add on theme as I'm usually very conservative and don't want a bloated Firefox, but decided to check out the themes and Sky Pilot Classic Blue caught my eye. I was looking for something that had a different look to the "back one page" "forward one page" arrows, and "stop loading page" "reload" icons, but also a theme that had no separation lines between these icons as most other themes have. Once I installed it, I was impressed with the over-all colours. I don't want the top of Firefox to be distracting, and this theme isn't. Also, the font size in the URL bar and Search Bar are easy to see. I've installed it on MoonOS and it looks nice! Thanks for the work put into this theme!
    Thanks for the review.The Firefox 4 version of the theme is coming soon. :)
  • Loved this theme from long ago on Netscape. Thank you for returning it. I especially like the neat touch that highlights the lower and side drag bars. I was frequently clicking just either side of it prior to this lovely and functional enhancement. The attention to design and colour scheme make this one strongly recommended theme addition, for those who like them (it's quite a change from the default skin, so YMMV - I'm using it FF v3.6.10 currently).
    Please, could I add my request for the development of the matching TB 3 skin, just to make it complete!! Thank you for an excellent theme, keep up the great work.
  • Sky Pilot is an old favorite for me too. There is a few minor bugs, but overall very well done.