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  • To the developer: marry me!
  • Дополнение не плохое, но не все сайты адекватно оно обрабатывает.
    Приходиться вручную добавлять их в чёрный список, о чём собственно и предупреждалось в описании аддона.
  • 4-star rating +1 to offset the user who gave it 1 star

    it's a good extension, but i wonder if the blacklisting process couldn't be improved? be nice to click/right-click the icon and see a list of domain parts that could quickly be added to the blacklist...

  • It's not working anymore.
  • Works exactly as the description says. Note, though, that some sites will break! It's easy enough to add these to a whitelist or temporarily disable.
  • It is works!
  • A definite must have extension along with uBlock Origin & Decentraleyes. I started using this recently when I was redirected by Putlockertv.to to a pop-up/under that managed to put a virus on my computer that everything I have completely missed until I used ESET's online scanner to get rid of it. This absolutely is the only thing I've come across that really works in deflecting this increasingly annoying bug bear. I really hope the developer continues to maintain this, wouldn't surf without it and a big thank you... 5/5
  • 装上立即解决问题,赞!
  • Works good, and I don't really have any reason to not recommend it. However, ***expect something to break.*** For example, the Wayback Machine will end up taking you to the normal version of the page when this addon is enabled. Although, there's a blacklist for that, so it's completely avoidable.
  • Huge tool tip text breaks the firefox customization page. Developer stated this will not be fixed as he wants the full string.

    Hopefully, Mozilla limits the length of this text or the developer can simply add an option to remove this excessively long text.

    Switching to 'Remove Redirect' for now, but if this doesn't bother you as much as it did me then this is still a very good addon.