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  • I can not thank the author enough for making this truly useful add-on. It saves so much time in not having to search for changes in sites.
  • Servus Andreas,

    entwickelst du denn SiteDelta noch weiter?
    Eine Import/Export Funktion währe schön.
  • One of the most useful addons, since lots of sites worth watching don't have RSS. However, needs a few improvements:

    1) Handling of errors - perhaps an option to ignore a subset. redirects usually should be ignored; 404 usually counts as a change... but seriously - treating 101 ("network unreachable") as "page changed"?

    2) Ignoring reading/writing of cookies, per page. Sometimes allowing e.g. auto-login or theme choice is a good thing, sometimes not. E.g.: I only want to check a forum for new threads, which can be done anonymously; but if logged in, "new posts here" variable will be reset by SiteDelta's visit, so doing it on a schedule is a bad idea. Same goes for any other "changes after your last visit" pages. It would be even better to interact with cache, but that's overcomplicated.

    3) Check the pages BEFORE other addons, such as e.g. Greasemonkey scripts. So that e.g. Webcomic Reader or other custom layout script toggled on/off won't count as a change.

    4) Allow watch for elements other than html body or visible divisions - sometimes changes in html head or script constants are also need monitoring, and sometimes something that can't be pointed with a mouse needs ignoring.

    5) Controlled minimum delay after the browser starts. No point to slow down FF startup when it's used to look up a help file or something.
    1) You are right, redirects are an interesting topic (follow but compare to original page? watch the destination page? mark as changed?). "101 Network Unreachable" sounds like an interesting interpretation of the HTTP protocol (101 should be "Switching Protocols").

    2) Optionally ignoring cookies might be an interesting feature, however most pages will look differently without cookies so you'll always get change notifications when switching from background scan to manual visit and back again.

    3) The scan has intentionally been delayed until after such modifications to make sure the page looks similar to when it is visited manually; otherwise the first automatic scan after a manual visit will cause a notification.

    4) SiteDelta monitors the DOM text content of the loaded page; for your use cases (scripts, body, ...) it might be better to use a solution that compares the raw HTML code.

    5) This sounds like a good idea, I'll add it to my list of feature requests.
  • Hello,

    Great module.
    But how do you stop monitoring a page or remove its surveillance?
    Thank you in advance.
    Open the sidebar and delete the page there using the context menu.
  • Since upgrading to FF 23.0.1 the page scanning is very very slow and keeps stopping. Also the sidebar button pulldown keeps disappearing and reappearing. If you open a page it scans correctly but the automatic scan has died.
    I cannot reproduce this problem/behaviour with FF 23.0.1, it works fine for me. Can you give me more details?
  • This simple, but power tool makes monitoring sites simpler.
    Good job, Tnx!
  • It looks like SiteDelta either is incompatible with FF 20.0 or there is a side effect.Often (but not reproducible always) a right click in the side bar of SD opens the clicked site (independent of changes).This also occurs, when more than one site is marked and right clicked (to choose 'check for changes').Hmmm, no life on the homepage? Hopefully site delta is still alive..., Andreas Schierl?If you can tell me something about this behavior, I'll change the rating. Ok, great to see your reply (danke... ;-) ). I'll try it in a completely new profile.
    I just installed FF 20 Beta, but could not reproduce the behaviour you described. It works fine for me.
  • Pros and Cons:
    + Solves my problem
    - Handling is a bit tricky
    - Cannot delete archived versions of a page (Huh?)
    - I need some 'test this' buttons to feel save

    All in all:
    This is a helpful extension for Geeks.
    What do you mean by a "test this" button?
    What do you want to test?
  • Dear Andreas
    SiteDelta is, indeed, much more than a great tool! ...but it's missing something quite simple: a mere button, up in the mage menus and tools, to automatically include the actual page in the monitoring system!!!...
    Congratulations, Andreas!
    Dalton Gilson - Rio, Brasil
  • Tried all addons that notify of changes on visited page. In my view this is the best available for its kind. I thank the addon developer Andreas Schierl for his extremely useful contribution. This I would recommend be a featured addon.
  • Used to use Websitewatcher for quite awhile but was never satisfied with the inbuilt browser. So I decided to look for, specifically, a browser addon that could do the same thing.

    I chose SiteDelta and I must say I'm impressed so far. It does everything I want it to.
    * Check only regions of a page.
    * Ignore numbers.
    * Highlight changes.
    And, what I consider a bonus, it can also check changes to images.

    One feature that I didn't expect but love is how it can detect when you visit a monitored page manually and it shows you the changes.

    The one real draw back is the lack of a permanent visual alert. If you miss the temporary popup the only way to know is there are changes is to open the sidebar. Unfortunately, I find myself reverting to just refreshing the page, which pretty much defeats the purpose of this addon.

    Please add an option for permanent alerts until clicked (or page is visited).
    You are right, in 0.13.1 the visual cue that changed pages exist is not really obvious (it's the downward arrow next to the SiteDelta triangle).
    The latest beta version from http://sitedelta.schierla.de/ provides a more obvious toolbar icon telling that changed pages exist.
  • Good add-on. I like it over update scanner for two reasons:

    1) You can monitor part of a page, so you get less false positives by only checking the content you're interested in.

    2) It doesn't use your bookmarks to store what it is monitoring. Update scanner does this and I found it problematic with syncing bookmarks between browsers and because I you lost bookmark specific settings when exporting/importing/restoring your bookmarks.

    One feature request: Have the toolbar icon give some visual indication if any of the pages it is monitoring have changed. Currently you have to look at the sidebar to find this out if you where not at your computer when the alert occurred.
  • Hi! It's a very usefull Tool, but if it posibble to do option for select custom melody for some sites, which SiteDelta is monitoring?
  • Would give this addon 5 stars except the button to open the SiteDelta sidebar is missing in version 0.13.1.

    Don't know if this is intentional or not so I've reverted back to version 0.12.1 which still has this button.

    If anyone wishes to revert to version 0.12.1 you will need to update the "install.rdf" file to show "em:maxVersion="13.*" />".
    (NOTE: "13" refers to the Firefox version. Change this number to the version of Firefox you are actually using.)

    It's easy enough to do, just change the extension from xpi to zip, extract the "install.rdf" file, open it in notepad, make the max version change, save the file, move it back into the zip file, change the extension from zip to xpi, then install the addon.

    I will upgrade the rating to 5 stars if the author ever puts the SiteDelta sidebar button back.
    The latest beta version from http://sitedelta.schierla.de/beta.en.php adds a "toggle sidebar" toolbar button again (however slightly different). I'd be glad to hear if you see this new button as a reasonable solution.
  • I want to revive the button only to display the side bar.
  • Nice idea but 7 out 10 alerts are false positives! I open the page with SiteDelta and there is a message on top of the page reading "no changes". I've tried several extensions to monitor web pages but none is working efficiently unfortunately :-(
  • This is a really usable site watcher.
    One thing is missing:
    Synchronization between different browsers on different computers!
    A very simple solution would be to store the site list (including some basic site settings) as bookmarks in a special bookmark folder.
    This way we could use any of those various bookmark synchronization services (with all the different features, cross-browser, cross-platform, security etc.).
  • Use it long time, nice addon.

    Just one important minus - would like to see some on-line synchronisation option for two computers.

    Tried different addons, but it seems that Frefox Sync, Xmarks Sync, etc. can't do it.
  • It allows me to monitor small areas of a webpage instead of the whole page. Much more useful this way. Get the Beta version! It has a few very nice features and works great.

    --A way to email when specific pages have changed. Not as a global setting, just as a setting for certain pages that are being watched.
    --A way to have a popup to notify of a page change, but the popup stays on the screen (always on top), and then have buttons on the popup that allows me to auto open the changed pages, or just dismiss the popup notification.
    --Change the icons. Just a color change isn't as noticiable to some people.

    Keep up the good work. I have moved all of my watched items from Update Scanner to your app.
  • Looks interesting! Thanks
  • If there's an update and you click on the notification popup which loads the updated webpage it won't check for updates again unless you click the triangle on the status bar. It should reset itself when you open the webpage and re-check for updates without the need to click anything. I can't find a way to change this.
    By enabling "Scan known pages on visit" in the settings, you get exactly the behaviour you describe.
  • Can you please allow the icons to be used on the other toolbars? In firefox 4 the "addon toolbar" is not used, but the site delta update icons can only be shown on there. Please allow those to be shown on other toolbars.
  • Perfectly suits my needs and stops me from even trying other browsers like Google Chrome. However interface in SiteDelta could be more customizable. For example I would love to be able to disable those notifications on top of the page.
  • Every time Firefox is started up, it says there are updates but then when you open the websites it says "No changes found".

    If you are having the same problem, there is a suggested fix posted below in the comments. I did try that but no luck for me.You can try to set manual watch and ignore regions, see if that helps. If it doesn't, disable other extensions to find any conflicts. The dev does reply to support emails but I found another extension which worked for me before the support process was worked out.

    The manual regions is a great feature, give it a try, it may work for you.