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  • I can't explain how I've survived without this extension before.... This is perfect extension that is helping me on daily browsing, and daily tasks keeping everything organized and handy. It also saves a lot of space on the nav bar. This should be the default approach on Firefox, while it comes to browsing experience, but I am glad that this extension does the job perfectly. Well done Drive4ik and contributors, well done!
  • Unfortunately, some of the groups you create randomly lose all tabs. In the next session, only the empty groups will be there. Thus, the extension is unfortunately almost meaningless, too bad. Apart from this, the idea of the extension is great - if it would work though...
    The description indicates that you need to enable session recovery.
  • Increasing hidden TABs puts a heavy load on firefox. If you reduce the number of hidden TABs, firefox will run very fast.

    I use TAB group switching, bookmark folder import and export. Sometimes delete groups.

    Can you add an interface to your add-on that makes it easy to import and export bookmark groups?
    Hi! Yes - right click on addon button on top bar - export to bookmarks.
    And on bookmark folder right click - import bookmark folder as new group
    Of course you have to give the addon access to bookmarks (in the addon settings)
  • This addon has become a vital part of my firefox usage. I can even say it's one of the reasons I'm using firefox and also recommend firefox to others. I hate having so many tabs open. I prefer logical grouping of the tabs. It's more than a nice to have for me, it's a necessity. Great work.
  • Auto sorting tabs by keywords is ... I can’t decide if I need it, but it looks interesting.
    Installed Firefox Nightly 71 + tab manager Tree Style Tab = while everything is stable.

    Below was a complaint about the delay in opening the menu on 'F8' - yes, rarely, but sometimes the menu does not immediately open, or does not open at all.
  • The addon is nearly perfect and I love the group icons. It`s the best addon I´ve seen to manage tabs. But sadly it`s not working correctly anymore. When I change the group, some of the tabs change the group with me and stay active. Are you aware of this bug (probably from a Firefox update, since before it was running great)? I use Firefox Quantum.

    Update: It seems like other Tab Group Addons are having the same problems.
    This is bug in Firefox Webextensions API https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1577480
    It has already been fixed, wait for the release
  • This add-on is now completely broken. Tabs opened in or moved to a specific group will show up in all groups, obviating any benefit this add-on might create. Unless this is fixed, the add-on cannot be used anymore. It's probably time for Mozilla to develop a proper tab group replacement for modern FF.
    This is not addon bug. It's Firefox Weebextensions bug
  • Well until a few weeks ago.

    The problem is the auto-backup, the backup no longer saves the tabs (this empty). Therefore, when the add-on is update and loads the last backup there are no more tabs.

    I've had to disable auto-backup and restore my tabs manually with my last correct backup (2019-08-26).
    Hi! Your problem is closely related to this Firefox bug (I am created):
    We need to wait until the developers of Firefox fix it...
  • Very useful. Thanks!
  • This is a sad joke:
    - it doesn't work if 'Restore previous session' is disabled,
    - it doesn't work in private mode.

    As it is it's a waste of bits.
  • There is a bug that if I hit 'F8' or click icon to show up groups view all I get is a little modal. I need to click the icon again to show the groups. It's very annoying.

    Screenshot - https://ibb.co/yYw1919
  • Simple Tab Groups is "exactly" what I was looking for to replace the old Tab Group Manager! I delayed upgrading from the old version of Firefox for a long time because I didn't want to lose the ability to group tabs. I tried several other tab managers first, but they didn't do what I wanted. STG is very intuitive, very functional, and easy to learn. I can't say enough good things about it! The only thing it lacks, compared to the old Tab Group Manager, is the ability to resize groups in the "Manage Groups" display, but this is a minor issue, and in some ways the ability to scroll down for additional groups is an improvement over Tab Group Manager, which couldn't scroll and would get very crowded with a lot of tabs and groups.
  • Been using this for a while and it's pretty nice. Recent update said to set the add-on to not work in incognito mode. Fair enough. I changed the setting. All my open tabs were lost immediately. My browser was reverted to the state it was in ~1 month ago. I can't even recover them with recently closed tab or recently closed window. For an extension that's supposed to enable my tab-hoarding, this is a low blow.
  • It used to work really well, but recently keeps forgetting all my tabs across reboots. It all started at the same time the "incognito mode" warning came. I basically became useless for me now.
  • Indispensible for me at work & home.
    STG and its predecessor are the reason I use FF
  • The latest versions of STG are deleting my tabs in all tab groups that are secondary windows. I had to revert back to 3.4.4 to fix the problem. On latest firefox v68 working fine on 3.4.4, but 4.0+ has the problem. Great add-on still! Thank you for the backup feature, it's a life saver.
  • amazing!! wonderfull stuff, thx.
  • Great addon usefull and I can't work without it. Just a new bug in = the welcome page is fixed now OK but now it's goes always on the first tab on the group instead of going to the last opened tab ... thanks bye