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  • The current version works very well when the number of TABs is small. However, if the number of TABs increases, it takes time to start up, and sometimes TAB reading fails.
  • It used to work really well, but recently keeps forgetting all my tabs across reboots. It all started at the same time the "incognito mode" warning came. I basically became useless for me now.
  • Indispensible for me at work & home.
    STG and its predecessor are the reason I use FF
  • The latest versions of STG are deleting my tabs in all tab groups that are secondary windows. I had to revert back to 3.4.4 to fix the problem. On latest firefox v68 working fine on 3.4.4, but 4.0+ has the problem. Great add-on still! Thank you for the backup feature, it's a life saver.
  • amazing!! wonderfull stuff, thx.
  • Great addon usefull and I can't work without it. Just a new bug in = the welcome page is fixed now OK but now it's goes always on the first tab on the group instead of going to the last opened tab ... thanks bye
  • i finally understand the problem. please fix this.

    1. "default Tab Groups" is always open
    2. i open "work Tab Groups" that have 10 tabs in new window
    3. i reload and check 3 of "work Tab Groups" and don't check the others
    4. and i close the "work Tab Groups" window
    5. when i open "work Tab Groups" window again, only the 3 tab that i checked last time, have links. the other 7 tabs, are null and when i click on them, it opens a blank page!
  • Endlich eine vernünftige Gruppierung meiner Tabs möglich. Und: Es funktioniert auch alles einwandfrei!
    Sehr sehr angenehm. 100 Punkte.
  • Did just delete all of my open tabs without any warning after working fine for a year
  • Not fully stable, several times i lost my tabs
  • I'm rating this 2 star for having a warning pop-up each time you open firefox: Please enable "Restore previous session" in browser. Even if you do have that option enabled, the warning still shows up.
  • 4.0 seems to have introduced a bug(s) where tabs groups get cleared out when multiple windows are involved.

    Using the "restore closed tabs" function when this happens just reopens all the tabs in the current tab group, not their original tab group.

    I'll file a real bug report if I can figure out reproduction steps.
  • This addon has always worked fantastically, and I was really happy with it until the last update (ver. that f*cked everything up.
    I DON'T want to restore the previous session automatically every time I start Firefox!!! and I don't want to see the same screen warning me to do so every time I open the browser.
    Please, check "Restore prev session" in browser session, and then try press Ctrl+Shift+N for restore closed windows
  • Exactly the functionality I wanted to have back from the good old days!
  • Latest update bricks functionality unless it is disabled in incognito mode. I'm not interested in disabling it in incognito mode; I have been warned, thanks, there appears to be no way to disable the warning. Worked well until now.
  • When TG was updated automatically to V4.0.0.2 I got the message -
    "No support incognito mode, please disable incognito mode for add-on"

    I checked the TG add-on option "Don't Allow" for "Run in Private Windows" and restarted FF.

    I then got the following page -
    "Welcome to Simple Tab Groups v4
    Please enable "Restore previous session" in browser settings:"

    I checked the box "Restore previous session".

    I also noticed that all my tabs disappeared from every tab group. I restored them using a backup and restarted FF.

    I again got the following page -

    "Welcome to Simple Tab Groups v4
    Please enable "Restore previous session" in browser settings:"

    even though the "Restore previous session" was already checked.

    Every time FF v68.0 starts up, the

    "Welcome to Simple Tab Groups v4
    Please enable "Restore previous session" in browser settings:"

    page is displayed even though the "Restore previous session" box is checked.

    I reverted back to v.3.4.4. I have also turned off "automatic update". This is not a good rollout.
  • Reverted back to Version 3.4.4
    It seems version Does not save groups when the firefox option 'Clear history when firefox closes' is enabled.
  • One of the best add-ons you can get for Firefox! Many customization options, easy to use, fast, reliable, nice UI, good support ... I could go on.

    I use it everyday at work to organize my tabs. I am editing pages in Confluence in one window, and open tabs with background information (that I stored in a dedicated tab group) in a separate window in just one mouse-click! I also have tab groups for my different projects.

    Highly recommended and many thanks to the developer!